What do you do when your dreams come true?

I tend to be a very gullible person.  I have to be told when someone is being sarcastic or making a joke, because I tend to take things at face value.  I am easily persuaded of new ideas or theories and consider myself happily naive.  I have, and always will believe in my dreams.  Dreams that include but are not limited to becoming a working actress in Chicago, publishing a book, having children, and getting married.  I’m the type of person who covers their home in “BELIEVE” quotes and reads poems about faith and following your dreams.  I am a hopeless romantic and as I mentioned before, a girly-girl princess.  I am not very cynical and I believe that if you do good, you get good in return.

I have wanted to get married for a looooong time.  So long in fact, I was getting to the point of, “I’ll frickin’ believe it when I see it!!”  I have been ready to get married since I was 12.  Well not literally of course.  But I am that girl.  Given what I’ve said it would be fitting if Mr. Sword and I fell in love at first sight, but that’s not what how it worked.  We met randomly and had to become friends while dating and then we fell in love.  After 9 months I was 100 percent sure I wanted to marry Mr. Sword and I would have said yes at that point in a heartbeat.  He has known I was “the one” since then too, but  he wasn’t ready to get married until about 2.5 weeks before he proposed.  One of the many MANY cultural differences between us.

Once I realized I wanted to marry Mr. Sword I began the waiting process.  And I waited like a dog eyeing a steak  proper lady, patient and reserved, never pressuring. HA!  I wanted it so badly that some days it was all I could think about, and to be completely honest, there were a few discussions that ended in major fights because of me and my impatience.   I wanted us to be on the same page so badly, and I knew he and I were meant to be together.  I felt like I’d won the lottery but wasn’t allowed to spend any of the money.  I was watching others getting engaged, wondering when was it going to happen for ME?

And then one day it did.  And my dream came true, and Mr. Sword asked me to marry him.  And I learned a few things:

1. Sometimes when something so good happens, you won’t cry, (even though you love a good cry), because you might have passed happiness and moved onto a feeling that there is no name for yet.

2. You will be ready.  You have had much time to mentally prepare and when it comes true, you suddenly know what to do.  It is your dream after all.

3.  You will have to stop and take time to enjoy.  Don’t start waiting on another dream to come true or conjure up something else to look forward to, just take a breath and hope time slows down enough to savor every single second.

Were you one of those brides that had trouble being patient?  Please tell me I’m not alone!  What dreams of yours have come true since meeting “the one?”

One thought on “What do you do when your dreams come true?

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