Engagement Par-tay!!

I can’t even begin to explain how much fun our engagement party was!  Both Mr. Sword and I walked away at the end of the night feeling so loved.  We had friends gather from all different groups, church friends, college friends, work friends, nanny friends, and of course Scottish friends!!   We had always talked about having a little get-together to celebrate the news once we got engaged, and I was never really sure how it would all come together, but I knew a few things for certain:

1. It was going to be very informal.  We were not going to provide food or liquor, or rent a room cause umm a wedding costs enough as it is!!  And it would be a come-when-you-can-sort of event with a stay-as long-as-you-can-policy.  I don’t if you come for one hug or half a drink, it’s the thought that counts!

2. Despite what I’d read in bridal magazines, I knew I was not going to register pre-engagement party.  My friends have enough people to buy gifts for and I think it’s a relatively new policy anyway so why bother?  There will be plenty of time for that later and I wanted our party to be a low-key event so consequently gifts were NOT expected.  Those who wanted to had already sent cards/gifts in the mail.

3. I wanted to look fabulous.  There is one year of my life where I am the bride-to-be and one year where I get to be the center of  attention at multiple events, and damn it I’m gonna look amazing at every last one of them!  I think I was successful for the most part, because my dress rocked and being happy makes you look beautiful anyway, but I wish my hair had kept it’s curl.  You’d think I would have been used to it falling straight mere minutes after leaving the house since it’s been happening since I was born, but honestly, that’s something I never get used to!!

Enough chatter, here are some pics!!

My hair still looks good at this point because it’s only been .5 seconds since we walked out the door.  When going out on a Friday/Saturday night we usually take the train/walk there and then cab it home, so until I can afford a personal driver I’m going to have to deal with flat hair at my own party.

We look happy.

This is me after drinking a lemon vodka shot.  I haven’t done a shot in about 5 years, I never get drunk, and I’m the worst drinker ever.  Apparently when it’s your party you’ll do shots if you want to.

My butt and my straight hair.

Our friend got this great shot of us of taking some time to talk to each other, but we spent most of the night mingling and chatting with our friends.  Good practice for the wedding I suppose!!

We had such a great night!  We are truly blessed to have such great friends in our life.  Cheers to what I’m calling, “the Year of the Wedding!’  Party number one. CHECK!

(all photos personal)

Did you have an engagement party?  Was it formal or informal?  What does everyone think about registering for it?


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