Falling in LIKE with my venue

Finally, after months of waiting, Mr. Sword and I got to see our venue in Minnesota over Mother’s Day weekend!  It was an awesome weekend filled with birthday celebrations, asking bridal party family members to be a part of the big day, attending a friend’s wedding, and of course hanging out with family.  First stop was our hotel of course!

This is us outside of the hotel (please excuse Mr. Sword’s face).

And now we’re inside!  I’m digging the Spanish-style floor and high ceilings.

How cute is the fountain?

Mom Sword is SO excited we are finally here!

Even the rooms are huge, with a living room in every suite!  I think I counted a total of three sinks, one in the bathroom, the one by itself (in the photo), and a tiny one by the minibar counter.  I can’t wait to get ready on the day of the wedding!

The pool, hot tub, and sauna looked stunning and I know our guests are going to want to take full advantage of them, especially those who are staying more than one or two days.

Overall, the hotel and it’s atrium looked gorgeous and I’m super psyched to be able to visualize my wedding now, but that said I didn’t fall in LOVE with our venue.  It sounds dramatic but let me explain.  I know this spot is perfect for us.  I know I made the right decision that first night sitting and talking over a fancy meal post-proposal, soaking in all the happiness and excitement from the day.  I know we should be having our Big Day in a hotel and the hotel we found is such a lovely hotel!

Unfortunately, there were no sparks or tears from me, which was surprising because I went in NOT expecting much so that I would be able to fully enjoy the experience.  But even though I love a good happy cry, I’m not upset by my lack of tears.  It wasn’t the right time for that, I was still exploring and soaking it all in.

More than anything I’m so thrilled to have a place to host the Sword wedding. I’m so excited that people are already booking hotel rooms, and planning flights.  I’m pumped to meet with photographers and start dress shopping, and all of the other exciting things that can now happen because I made a decision. I booked a beautiful place.  True, I didn’t get to search artistic lofts, museums, or outdoor gardens.  I limited myself wholeheartedly and Mom Sword found me the best option out there.  She even commented about how proud she was of me after we met with our coordinator because I was making so many smart and budget-conscious decisions.   The girl who spends ten minutes deciding what kind of butter to buy at the grocery store is good at making quick and sound wedding planning decisions, it’s true!

I KNOW for a fact that I will fall in LOVE with my venue at some point.  Until that moment comes, I’m more than OK with being madly in LIKE with it.

(all photos personal)

Next up is our food tasting and sorting out details with our coordinator at the hotel!

Anyone else have a similar experience in booking a venue that was in some ways more practical than anything else?  Did anyone else take a bit longer to fall in love with their venue?


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