Murder Mystery Dinner with the Fam

My family and I are HUGE dorks.  And I mean that in the best way possible, because we have together!  And by family I mean immediate and extended, my mom’s side of the family is all really close and relatively small so we get together frequently.  But some of the things we do are a bit unconventional.

We sing, like all the time. We sing in church once a year at my Grandparent’s UCC congregation in North Dakota.  We are sort of famous there, singing the same two songs yearly.  I mean, people stay in Bismarck over the holiday just to hear us sing! We always leaving singing messages of “Happy Birthday” on our family member’s special days. We make up new lyrics to the song, “Dear Abbey,” for all special events, including birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc.  And my siblings and I have formed a small band.  My brother, aka “The Glue,” likes to pretend he’s not in it, but he’s our guitarist.  Sister Big Eyes and I are the singers and we harmonize pretty well being sisters and all.  Our group is called BME (beginning, middle, and end).  L Dawg has already requested that BME sing at her wedding. Truth.

We play games, like all the time.   We are hard-core card gamers!  We love card games especially, but also play group games, board games, darts, air hockey, and even poker (with fake money).  On more than one occasions, we have hosted our own family Talent Show.  Yes.  Wow.

We eat a lot of junk food.  Eating crappy food when you’re on a vacation is the way to go!  We even had family shirts made that say, “Food, family, and… FOOD!”  Ain’t no shame in our game.  🙂  We used to have this huge bowl of candy out at Easter and one year the parents decided it should go away, and I’d by lying if I said there wasn’t an official protest.

So, when my Mom suggested we celebrate Big Eyes and The Glue ‘s May birthdays with a Murder Mystery Dinner, naturally I thought it was a great idea.  Mr. Scottish, Sister’s BF, and L Dawg were invited as well and of course we were all encouraged to dress the part!  Here is the proof:

The Glue with Mr. Scottish- beer buddies

L Dawg, The Glue, Mr. Scottish, and me

Mom, Dad, Sister, and Sister’s BF

junk food!

Dad and Sister- check out those eyes! 🙂


While this isn’t directly related to wedding planning and A Highland Fairy Tale, it is related to marriage.  This is Mr. Scottish’s future family, and guess what?  He doesn’t sing, rarely eats junk food, and gets nervous when being put on the spot during games, especially Murder Mystery games where he has to pretend to be another character.  But surprisingly, I’m convinced most of my family like him better than they like me.  (Princess-haters.)

Regardless, this was a wonderful evening and reminds me how much I love my family!!

(All photos personal)



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