Wedding snooping at our venue

Our first trip up to Minnesota to see our venue was the same weekend a childhood friend of mine was getting married.  We were really excited to be able to attend her special day while getting a lot of wedding planning done ourselves.

We had some time to kill after the ceremony before heading to their social hour/reception so we decided to run back to our venue to check out a wedding that was being set up for a reception at the hotel that night.  If you’ll remember when we first visited our wedding site I didn’t post any pictures of the banquet hall where the reception would be taking place.  And I didn’t show any decent photos of the atrium.  Well, that’s because the day before there was a business conference thingy taking place and they were blocking a lot of great photo opps, so it was great to go back the following day and get a few more pics!

So it might look a little something like this (minus the draping).

The high top tables will be located around the dance floor for cocktail hour.  Notice the special lighting in the background!

This is a cute idea for displaying escort cards!  Perhaps I’ll borrow it!

Mom Sword encouraged us to go back to the atrium to get a second look at where we will get married.

Can you picture us like this (only with a white dress and a kilt)?

All in all it was a great second visit!!  We do have one decision that couldn’t be resolved though.  To cover the chair or not to cover it?

I know I know, the chairs they provide are pretty ugly!  But Coordinator A says that people don’t really notice when you don’t have chair covers but only notice when you do have them.  Mom Sword and Mr. Sword are voting “no” right now because they think the money can be put to better uses (read an expensive handmade kilt, a band, the honeymoon, booze, etc).  I’m the one voting “yes” but I’m not sure if it’s because I think I need chair covers because of the Wedding Industry Complex or because they would make the entire room look better.

Poll: Should we splurge on chair covers for our reception?

A) Yes, you only get married once, they’ll really help make the room look fantastic!

B) Not necessary!  Save your money, put it towards something else, no one will notice.

Is anyone else skipping the chair covers? Isn’t it fun to attend a wedding when you’re in the midst of planning?  🙂


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