Party time!

I’m so pretty

So, the reception was awesome.  Here is a photo of my food, I forgot to take a “before” picture- oops!

It was good and it was chicken, confirming that everyone likes chicken.  Check!

Instead of cake they had a Coldstone Creamery sundae bar… very yummy, but I do love a good wedding cake.  The fam and I had a great time just hanging out together, making fun of each other, laughing, and talking “wedding.”

The Glue (not the biggest fan of talking “wedding”)

Dad and I

And of course there was dancing!!  The dance floor was a bit scarce at times because they had a beautiful outdoor patio that a lot of guests were taking advantage of, but I had  a wonderful dancing with my Mom and Sister, and who knew The Glue could dance like he can?  I guess a semester in Venezuela teaches you a lot…

Mom and Son

Sister and Brother

Mr. Scottish dancing with his FMIL (hard to see but how cute is that!)

Sister/MOH Big Eyes had a very special moment when a family friend told the DJ it was her birthday and dedicated a song to her.  She and her boyfriend, now fiancé, (more on that later), got to have a special dance all alone on the floor, it was so sweet!

Sister and my FBIL

All in all it was a great evening!  I just love weddings!  (duh!)  🙂  Have you always loved going to weddings or are you much more interested in them when you’re in the midst of planning?

(all photos personal)

Next up, we end the weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with frolfing and grilling!


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