Two sisters + two weddings = ?

Well, since I spilled the beans in my last post I guess I might as well elaborate on something…  my little, baby, tiny, younger sister got engaged!!  OHMIGOSH EXCITING!!!  I guess she’s not so little anymore.   Suddenly we are planning two weddings for the following year and my Mom is more excited than anyone!  She’s not stressed, she’s looking at this as a blessing (as she looks at most things!).  My Sister is looking at early next summer sometime and that means there will be about three months between my wedding and her wedding.  WOW.  That makes me feel a wee bit overwhelmed.

Even though I knew it was coming and I was emailing with her fiancé ahead of time I did have a mini melt down moment later in the evening after initially hearing the news and joyfully screaming on the phone with her, looking at pictures of the ring, and asking about the proposal.  I’m seriously like 99% happy (well now I’m 100 percent happy but at the time I felt a few hiccups).  It’s hard for me to write about this, but I’m a pretty candid blogger, and this is honestly how I felt.  I guess it’s the older sibling/actress in me that wanted this year to be all about ME  for just once (yea I said it).  And then after realizing how selfish that was and realizing that it’s a good thing to share this year with her, I started to  worry about our capacity, now she’s a  Maid of Honor and a Bride, and I’m a Bride and then a Matron of Honor!!   How can we plan two weddings at the same time?  When I go back to Minnesota suddenly I’ve got to split my time doing my planning and her planning because I don’t want to feel left out of her stuff, in fact I want to be there helping every step of the way, but at the same time I don’t live in the city I’m getting married in so my time in Minnesota is precious to me.  There is a lot to be done and minimal time to do it!

And after I went through all of these emotions, I just got insanely and overly EXCITED.  I LOVE her ideas for her wedding and I’m becoming just as giddy about her details as I am about mine.  I GET TO PLAN TWO WEDDINGS AT THE SAME TIME, HELL YEA!

Remember when I wrote about asking my Sister to be my MOH?  Well I meant every word of that, and I am so ecstatic for her and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share my year of planning with, we will not only make this work, but I’m certain it will be a magical year for us both.  It’s going to be a year filled with amazing memories and just think, we can celebrate our anniversaries together in years to come since we’re both getting married in 2013!

And as for that 1% of jealousy or frustration, well it melted away.  Every emotion I have reminds me how insane it is to be human and how amazing our brains are; and the best part is that my Sister knows me well enough to understand where I’m coming from, and has even experienced similar emotions along the way.  I believe sisters have this amazing, unique connection unlike any other relationship in the world.  I consider myself humbly blessed to have such a wonderful sister, and since I’m already tearing up just writing this I’m sure I’m going to be a mess at her wedding.  AND I LITERALLY CAN’T WAIT!!  I might start on my speech now…

Anyone else dealing with a shared engagement year with someone really close to you?  How did you handle it?


3 thoughts on “Two sisters + two weddings = ?

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