Church, Frolfing, and Grilling

By the end of our whirlwind wedding planning weekend, both Mr. Scottish and I were ready to relax and focus on something else, luckily we weren’t leaving for Chicago until later that evening so we were able to spend Mother’s Day with my Mom.  Note: Mother’s Day in the UK is on a different date than the one in the US.  Pro: Both of our moms get their own special day.  Con: We have two different days to remember!  Win win: I plan on celebrating BOTH once I’m a mother.  🙂

My Mom wanted to do three things on her day, 1) She wanted all of us attend church with her, 2) She wanted us all to hang out and do something fun together as a family, and 3) She wanted all of US to be in charge of lunch (for once!).  Number 1 was successful and that morning we filled up almost a full row at my home church.  Number 2 was almost fully successful, but since Sister Big Eyes had a lot of grad school homework to finish and my Dad recently had foot surgery, only four of us made it out for frolfing.  Frolfing is also known as frisbee golfing (get it?) and it’s awesome.  See below.

Me and my brother (The Glue)

Mr. Scottish and I

My mommy and me!!

Good form Mom!

Mr. Scottish burns easily and he forgot sunscreen!

Finally number 3 was a slight fail due to my Dad (sorry Dad, throwing you under the bus here), because he forgot to tell me that I was in charge of dessert for the big meal!  Sister knew she was doing the veggies, The Glue knew he was supposed to be grilling, Dad knew he had to buy everything and be in charge, he just isn’t very good at the latter part of it, but no one told me what I was supposed to do!  After a quick verbal lashing at my father browsing of the internet we magically whipped up some strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Saved!

After opening gifts, it was time to head to the airport. The weekend went by in a flash, but it was truly wonderful.  And it wasn’t too hard to say goodbye because I knew I’d be back in June for a FULL WEEK of wedding planning.  If you thought I fit a lot into this weekend, then you ain’t seen nothing yet!  I’ll probably be able to get 15 posts out of that week… gotta love long-distance planning!  Plus, since Sister/MOH Big Eyes is beginning to plan her wedding so I imagine the week will get even busier.

So busy in fact that I actually blocked in time for Mr. Scottish to play video games and drink beer while we’re there because while he is awesome with wedding planning and happens to be a very helpful groom-to-be, he is a male and I know he can only take so much!  It’s like drinking kool-aid with not enough water.  YIKES.

And that’s how our Minnesota Wedding Planning Trip #1 went down.

Anyone else in an LDR with their wedding?  How do you plan your visits?

(all photos personal)


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