Postponed! And then postponed again.

After finding out our engagement photo shoot had to be postponed for the second time, I was seriously frustrated.  Originally I had scheduled it for mid-April but once we weren’t sure when Mr. Scottish would return from his trip home to renew his work visa, I changed them to avoid having to cancel on our photographer last minute. Well, the ironic thing is he flew home one day before I had scheduled them! Alas, I had already picked a new date.  My main complaint with rescheduling is that we have a TON of out-of-town guests  flying in from Scotland, Illinois, and even the east coast, so I wanted our Save-the-Dates to go out almost a full year in advance.  I just love to be ahead of the game!  Turns out, our STD’s will go out closer to the 9 month mark and that is totally fine and actually more appropriate.

The new date was May 19th the same weekend that the city of Chicago was hosting the NATO Summit. That meant that delegates from all over the world would be in town for this international event. There was heightened security, roads were blocked off,  cops were covering every street and every on ramp, and all downtown condo buildings were restricting guest access. Unfortunately, one of our main locations, the John Hancock Tower, where we got engaged, would be right in the hub of it all.  Plus, my boss had graciously offered their condo as a changing home base, and we knew security would be tight.  After emailing with my photographer, listening to the radio, and talking with my boss and other friends, I decided to postpone our engagement shoot yet again.  I just knew it would be more stress than necessary and I wanted to be relaxed and happy for the photos, and I really REALLY wanted my pictures to be Chicago-cop free!

Luckily, our photographer was AMAZING and flexible so we were able to  reschedule to May 26th.   And this time, all went as planned!  The things I was worried about, getting my makeup done in time before the shoot started, not getting a window table at the John Hancock, and a cancellation due to rain, didn’t come true!  The weather was slightly chilly during our beach shoot, but she said the clouds and the lake looked amazing in all the photos.  My favorite thing about our photographer is that she had an amazing sense of humor, just like me!  (I’m so humble aren’t I?)  She had unique ideas, creative poses, and was really fun to chat with.  When she asked me if I wanted some of the more common hipster poses I said, “I don’t like to do what everyone else has done.”  That’s when she high-fived me in agreement.  Here is a little plug, because she is awesome, not only in person, but also with quick and responsive email (a BIG plus in my book).  Jennifer Jackson, check her out!

Finally, I’d like to share my love of using props during ANY photo session (family, newborn, engagement, wedding, boudoir, lifestyle, etc).  Using props adds dimension to your photos, personalizes them, and in our case, provided a totally relaxed situation in where we laughed a lot and had a blast!  I will go into more details about our props once I’ve posted the photos, but you’ll have to wait for now!  All in all, I think the postponing was worth it in the end, and we had a marvelous time!

how cute are the props in this photo?

photo via Pinterest

Did anyone else have stress planning their engagement shots? Did it work out OK in the end?


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