Busy busy bee

We have a lot of appointments set for our second trip to Minnesota.  And by a lot, I mean around 3 or 4 appointments per day.  It’s kind of intense.  I’m taking this long-distance planning very seriously.  And to be honest, I’m super pumped!  I literally can’t wait.  This is my dream, going around meeting people for coffee or wine to discuss a big party all about me (and Mr. Scottish)?  SOUNDS AMAZING.  Perhaps this is why my Mother thinks I should be a wedding planner, I’m not very interested in that career path, but I do love to help the people in my life with their weddings.  Since MOH Big Eyes is recently engaged, I can start tagging along to her appointments as well and demanding only the best for her!  🙂

This is a screenshot of my upcoming week.  Only the vendor and bridal gown/bridesmaid appts are set in stone, but there is a tiny bit of wiggle room for the other stuff.  Remember when I said I scheduled in specific time for Mr. Scottish to play video games and drink beer?  Well here is the proof!  And a funny little tidbit:  When talking with Mr. Scottish about doing this screenshot, I said, “What is a screenshot exactly?  Do you take a picture of your computer screen with your camera and then upload it?”  Insert laugh here.   But seriously that is what made sense to me!!  I am computer illiterate and Mr. Scottish nicely puts up with me.  Consequently, this screenshot is courtesy of him.  If  I ever need to make another one, Lord help me…

Hey, other Long-Distance brides!  How do you plan your time at home?  And also how many photographers do couples normally meet with?  We are meeting with four total, two at the low end of our price range and two at the high end of it, just to compare!


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