We’ve hired the youngest bagpiper EVER

It’s time for a vendor update!  If you thought we would be having a bagpiper in our Scottish themed wedding then you are correct!  We are having a piper play at our ceremony and I’m pretty pumped about it.

Meet E.

He’s awesome, willing and able to perform at our wedding ceremony, and is youthful 18 years old.

I have to say, when I was referred to him by another bagpiper I assumed he would be middle-aged and a bit more rotund.  After arriving at his home I was curious to meet this piper who we could hear warming up as we walked into the house.  Imagine my surprise when I see this nice-looking, young gentlemen!  Luckily, Mom Sword was able to start conversation while I took a moment to soak it all in.  Of course we had to ask how long he’d been playing the bagpipes and it turns out he’s been playing since he was 13 years old.  He pipes for the Minnesota Police Pipe Band, and it was their free lessons that first helped E learn this wonderful yet VERY LOUD instrument.  (I think Mom Sword is looking into ear plugs for the Big Day.)

photo from E, used with permission

After we chatted for a bit, E played a few songs for us and we tried to figure out where in the ceremony we would place them.  It was decided then that I would walk down the aisle to the bagpipes and the rest of the bridal party will walk down the aisle to something different (guitar, DJ played, or otherwise) to make a nice contrast.  I’m super excited about how dramatic and awesome it’s going to sound!  We will also have E play some music for the prelude part of the ceremony as well as our big recessional walk down the aisle, and we’re toying with the idea of having him do his own sort of processional down the aisle to begin everything.  What to know the icing on the cake?  E already has a kilt he can wear for the wedding so he’ll fit right in!

Excited because we found a bagpiper!

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

We met with one bagpiper on our trip and luckily he was a perfect fit!  Anyone else having unique or cultural-specific music at their ceremony?


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