To Drink or Not to Drink, That is kind of the question

Guess what?  My parents had a DRY wedding.  Yes, as in, alcohol free!!  Back in 1979, they got married early on a Sunday morning and hosted a late breakfast sort of meal following their ceremony.  They did not serve any booze.  While Dad Sword has a beer every once in a while, Mom Sword never drinks, consequently, I am not a huge drinker myself.  Growing up NEVER seeing alcohol in the house coupled with a phobia of vomiting, leaves little room in my life for binge drinking.  But the thing is, I’m marrying this guy:

In Scotland, at a B&B, pre-dinner drink. June 2010.

He’s from the United Kingdom, or as I call it, The Land of Drinking.

His 28th birthday hotel/massage surprise.

Our engagement party

Mr. Sword is a recreational drinker who drinks a lot.  Does that make sense??  He rarely gets “wasted” these days (as he says the hangovers are worse in your late 20’s), and frankly, just being in a serious relationship leaves less time for going to bars with your buddies.  When we go out, Mr. Sword usually drinks beer, sometimes he gets wine with me, but regardless drinks are ordered.  At the beginning of our relationship I wasn’t used to the frequency (or quantity for that matter) of his beer intake, but now I remind him to pick up his favorite beer when we’re at the grocery store, I brag about his ability to drink most Americans under the table, and I purposely refrain from drinking so I can drive him home if we are at a friend’s place.

My favorite thing about the Scottish people, (and mind you this is based on my limited experience), is their refusal to drive after drinking.  They take great steps to insure that no one is driving even if they’ve only had one or two.  I really respect their diligence and now it makes so much more sense why Mr. Sword chose to live in an urban area that is within walking distance to tons of restaurants, bars, and pubs.

But what does that have to do with weddings you ask!?!?  Well, we have to serve alcohol at our wedding.  Not only would the Scottish folk be lost without it but many of our American friends enjoy drinking as well.  However, I’d like to point out that I really dislike the notion that a wedding is merely an excuse to get drunk.  A wedding is first and foremost about love, the joining of families, and having one hell of a good time, but if a few drinks will add to the overall enjoyment, I’m on board.

Since my family and I aren’t big drinkers, we decided a good compromise would be to serve beer, wine, and have  two signature drinks that contained liquor.  If you’ll remember I’m keeping our wine and beer choices a secret but I’m too excited to not spill the beans on our signature drinks!

One drink represents Mr. Sword and one represents me.  The names will be top secret until the wedding day but I will say they make us laugh and show off our humorous side.  I plan on making a menu of the drink options to display at the bar so people can order them by their fun names.

We will be serving a whiskey sour and a grape vodka chambord with sprite and a lime for our signature drinks.  Can you guess which drink goes with each of us?  Hint: my drink is going to be a shade of purple to tie in one of our main wedding colors.  Yay!!  With all of these options, plus free pop (or soda depending on where you’re from) I’m hoping that everyone will be able to find something they like!  If not, there will be a cash bar available (on Mr. Sword’s insistence) so people can buy something else, but I would prefer if no one had to spend any money at the reception (besides bartender tips)!

Interestingly, when I was discussing the distaste and poor etiquette of having a cash bar at a wedding in the US, Mr. Sword’s family and friends told us they rarely get free alcohol at weddings in the UK.  I guess it’s too expensive to quench the thirst of that many Scots!!  (hehehe)  😉

(all photos personal)

Is anyone having a dry wedding?  If you are doing signature drinks, how are you naming them?


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