Documenting the Big Day

The single most important vendor to me regarding our wedding (after finding a venue) is the photographer.  In regards to photography, I like to refer to Mr. Sword and myself as “dream clients” because we don’t want to rush through pictures (in fact we want to take more than the average couple), we value art/artists, and we understand that there is a lot of work to do after the wedding as well, like editing, so we want to provide adequate compensation for the work that is done.

Finding a photographer is a lot about research at the beginning of the process.  It’s about browsing websites, looking at photos, and it really helps Mr. Sword has been interested in photography since before we met and knows waaay more about it than I do.  He even knows what the different lens’ are called.  Whoa.

I believe you should be in total love with your wedding photos because you will have them for a lifetime and with the current fad of photo-journalistic type weddings, amazing and unique shots are becoming are the norm and the expectation.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I love getting my photo taken.  Even if I have to do it myself.  In fact, I have a signature pose that my family and Mr. Sword make fun of me for doing.  It’s called the “extend your arm as far as you can and make an interesting face at the camera pose,” or more plainly, “The Miss Sword.”

Brunette in ’09

Enjoying the sun in 2010

At a winery with girlfriends in 2011

Planning the wedding in 2012

After having such success with our E-session I was even more positive that we were on the right track with our hunt for a wedding day photographer.  And so we decided on a budget for them.  It was on the higher end of things, but not insanely so.  Mr. Sword insisted we meet with people at both ends of our price point spectrum, which is why we ended up seeing FOUR different photographers, two at the high-end of our budget and two at the low-end of it.  We liked three out of the four.

The main reason I didn’t like this one couple is because I thought they were a bit pretentious and weird.  They didn’t include rights to the HIGH-resolution images in their package like most photographers do, and instead they give you the low-res images to put on Facebook and such, but then make you pay an extra 800 dollars for the good stuff.  Don’t pay extra for that, it should be included!!

SIDE NOTE: Obviously the photographers should be cited whenever their work is used and they have rights that prevent you from their selling their images, but your wedding photos are for you and you should have access to them!

So with our three favorites in mind, Mr. Sword and I sat down and discussed what was important to us.

Our main priorities included:

  • originality/uniqueness of photos
  • a second shooter
  • unlimited time/committing to being there the whole day
  • great candid shots
  • creative portraits
  • didn’t totally BREAK the bank

In the end, it wasn’t a very tough decision because only one of the people we met with fit every single one of our criteria!  I won’t reveal the name just but I will say that we’ve hired a woman and I couldn’t be happier about that.  I LOVE supporting women and women who own their own business’.

And just in case you couldn’t get enough of my awesome photography skillz…

Scotland 2010

Scotland 2011

The sad part is how easy it was to find all of these photos of just me.  🙂

(all photos personal)

Anyone else have certain criteria for choosing a photographer?  What is the NUMBER ONE thing on your list in regards to wedding planning?


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