Is anyone else watching the new wedding show on TLC, “Randy to the Rescue?”  As a self-proclaimed addict of all things TLC (Sister Wives anyone?!?!!), I shocked myself by NOT really loving this new spin on a wedding dress show.  That said I would watch Randy any day of the week, he’s adorable, genuine and knows his bridal gowns, but the show itself is a little stiff and slow-moving.  Mr. Sword would argue that all wedding shows are slow-moving (rude!).

So on “Randy to the Rescue” they help women find their ideal wedding dresses and then doll them up with wedding day hair and make-up.  The brides are then given a “bridal blueprint” to follow so they can recreate the same look on their actual wedding day.

After watching the hair stylist transform just a few girls I’m suddenly obsessed with wanting to try something new for my Big Day.  HAIR EXTENSIONS.   I saw two brides in a row get temporary hair extensions and the change was so drastic and wonderful that it made me think maybe I should give it a try!  Of course I’ve known about extensions, but the thought never crossed my mind that it was something I could try until seeing it done on this show.

Here’s my issue, I have suffered with stick-straight, fine, limp hair my entire life.  I’ve always been jealous of people with curly thick hair and I know “the grass is always greener on the other side,” because most people with curly hair wish theirs would lay flat!  I have always pictured my hair down and curly on my wedding day.  The biggest issue with this is that my hair rejects curl in a BIG WAY.  Case in point, I tried to curl my hair for my engagement party and it was flat by the time we got to the bar!  My current plan is to simply load on the hair gel and hair spray, but it might be time to rethink that plan.

Here is my everyday hair.  Notice the kink on the one side and disregard the overall grossness of the photo, this was taken at my birthday party a few years ago.  And no, I wasn’t even drunk.  People don’t believe me but sometimes I use a flat iron to straighten my already super straight hair to avoid it looking like this all the time.

This is kind of what I’m thinking my hair could look like if I got extensions.  So lovely.

image via Chic Weding Hairstyles /photo attributed to

While I want to look like myself on my wedding day I really want to look like a better, fancier version of myself.  In my head, I never envisioned an updo because I rarely pull my hair back in everyday life.  I wear my hair up if I’m camping or if I’ve just been to the pool and my hair is wet, and that’s about it.  I’ve just always preferred my hair down.

Mr. Sword has always had a thing for my hair when it’s curly so for that reason alone I’d love to have it down and curly!

Curly and down for a church fundraising event, we’re dressed up because it was a prom!

After minimal research I’ve figured out that I would definitely be going with the clip on kind that you can take out after the wedding (as opposed to gluing them in), and I’ve discovered the blonde extensions seem to cost more than brunette extensions.  Really?  Any hair stylists out there that can help fill me in?  I know hair extensions would be a pricey endeavor, but they seem to add so much volume and curl that perhaps they’re worth it to achieve the curly princess hairdo I’m dreaming about!  Plus, wouldn’t I get to keep my clip-on for further use?

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Has anyone used extensions before?  Are they worth it?  Do you think they would enhance my bridal look?  Help me Hive!


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