Can you guess why I’m shouting in frustration??

Hint: It happens to many brides, but you never think it will happen to you.

Hint:  It’s concerning paper.

Hive, I have sent out my Save the dates with a typo.  I hang my head in shame even though I have since moved past the embarrassment of it all.  When I first got the call from Mom Sword there was some shouting, some frustration, lots of shock, and about 5 tears shed.  I read about this happening to other bees, but you never think it will happen to you.  YOU will be extra careful. YOU will make sure that everything is spelled correctly.  HA.  YOU are a fool (and in this case by YOU I mean ME).

The good news is, the typo is not in anything too crucial.  It’s not in the date or the location of the wedding.  I mean if the date was wrong, we’d be scrambling to figure out an emergency back-up plan, but thankfully that is not the case.  Mom Sword told me that her friend once sent out a birth announcement for her son whose name was Brian, but his announcement said, “Brain.”  Yikes.

It happens.  It’s just one of many wedding related things that will inevitably go wrong throughout the next few months and you have to take it in stride.  It would be easier if Mr. Sword and I weren’t such perfectionists.  We literally had like 5 people proofread our STD’s before we clicked the “order” button.  I’m almost 100% sure that everything was spelled correctly.  When they sent an email back saying they’d made revisions to the font I never guessed they would have accidentally switched two letters in his last name, but I think that’s what they did.  When we went back in to look at their font revisions I didn’t focus too much on revising the words again because I thought they would be the way I’d left them.  GRRRR.  It’s technically my fault, I should have revised again after their revisions instead of just skimming.  Now we know, have 5 people check it every single time something new happens to your image.  The company is a well-known wedding paper company that a lot of people use but I’m still a little miffed and unsure if I’d use them again for my invitations.

Of course, they might not have changed any of the letters around, and I should really just take full responsibility for my error.  So yea, it’s my fault.  I guess.

It looks like no one even noticed (except Mom Sword and FMIL of course).  I got lots of emails and texts saying people have received them and how cute they are but nothing about the typo thankfully.  So naturally I’m making sure to tell everyone all about it.  🙂  Why not?  It’s better to just laugh about it!

Mom Sword is proudly posting hers on the fridge and thinks it’s the most beautiful one she’s ever seen.  And even though I think they’re fabulous, when I think about how every single one of them has that obnoxious typo on it, I get irritated.

Blissfully unaware at this point.

Even inspecting them upon arrival, they seemed fine!

The big reveal of the STD’s is yet to come!  I will say that Mr. Sword did a fantastic job printing addresses right onto the envelopes (which I love the look of btw), and just for future reference it costs $1.05 to send a normal-sized card to the UK.

In the end, I’m so glad we took the time to send them.  We have a lot of people coming from out-of-state and out-of-country and I know they appreciate the heads up.  It’s also exciting that our wedding website is now “live” as Mr. Sword says and people will be able to visit that for more information.

And just in case you’re reading this and you think the unthinkable will never happen to you, think again!  🙂  OK, anyone else send out a STD or invite with the dreaded typo?  How did you handle it?

(all photos personal)


5 thoughts on “NOOO!!! HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!?!?!

  1. I got mine and they look great! I didn’t even notice the typo! Oh – and thanks for not giving me a choice on my +1 person 😉

  2. We had an issue with a typo. It was for our cake knife and server set. The server was supposed to say Karl and Kelly Gerten September 19, 2009. It said Kari and Kelly! Apparently they think we are lesbians! i complained and they sent us a corrected set for free, I still have that wrong one tho, too funny!

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