DIY (destroy-it-yourself)

I am not crafty at ALL. I have no skills in painting or doodling or gluing things together.  I have these big clumsy hands and I move way too fast to make anything that requires fine motor skills.  I’m constantly dropping things, I take way more tape than any human ever needs at one time, and my stick people look nothing like stick people!  IT’S THAT BAD.

Cut to me finding a cake topper on Etsy and really, really wanting it.  It’s a bit pricey for something I know I could make myself, or rather, something that someone could make themselves.  First I think, “45 dollars plus S&H is way too much for a cake topper, I should try to make it myself; it will feel good to be crafty.”  And then I think “No, it’s OK if I’m not a crafty bride, I’m writing my own vows aren’t I?  That’s creative. And doesn’t involve hand/eye coordination.  Then I think, “Being a DIY bride is so cool, give it a shot, I believe in you!”  And finally I think, “It’s 45 dollars, grow a pair and buy it, do you want it to look nice or not?!?!”

Here is my dream cake-topper:

image via Etsy/betteroffwed

Isn’t it gorgeous and so fitting for our theme?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens, maybe I’ll get ambitious, maybe I’ll give in and buy it… who knows!  In the meantime, lets look at some cake tasting photos because that was a decision that required very little thought.  In fact, Mr. Sword and I had a blast picking out our cake flavors!  We ended up going with a vanilla cake with strawberry curd filling and a chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.  YUM.

The design we chose is simple and modern like our style.  It’s a three-tiered square cake with each tier a bit off center from the next one (Mr. Sword’s idea) and the piping on it is called “nest,” which just means there are some interesting lines drawn on the cake in an ivory icing.  We chose to have just the top and bottom tiers “nested” to give it a clean and contemporary look.  Our cake is included in the package we have with our hotel and it’s coming from a place called Buttercream.

Our appointment was quick and easy, and I loved that the decision of which bakery to go to was made for us, meaning one less thing I had to research!

But back to the cake topper.  For years I’ve known I wouldn’t want a traditional cake topper of the woman dragging the man (such a terrible stereotype) or the boring posed couple.  When the fad of birds and other animals became popular for cake toppers I knew I didn’t want any of those either because I’m just not a big animal person.  I do like giraffes, but a giraffe cake topper?  Really?

I was browsing Etsy when it just hit me.  WORDS.  I love words, I collect quotes, I love writing.  I would put words on our cake.  At first I was thinking of doing a version of Mr. and Mrs. in black (adorable!), but once I found my “happily ever after” I was smitten.

(all photos personal unless noted otherwise)

So now the question is, do I make it or buy it?  What would you do?  Does it look easy to make?  I have no clue what I’m doing!!


5 thoughts on “DIY (destroy-it-yourself)

  1. You can totally make that topper! You can probably find all you need at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. I will help you if you’d like!

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