Trash the Dress: Sisters Edition

That’s right, Sister/MOH Big Eyes and I are going to do a post-wedding photo shoot with both of us in our bridal gowns, and it’s gonna be AH-MAZING!! And no, we’re not really going to trash our dresses, both Mom Sword and Sister were shocked with the “trashing” terminology, and Mom Sword said I need to keep my dress around for my kids and their kids, etc.  OK fine.  Our Trash the Dress session will be more of a casual, outdoorsy photo shoot with our dresses (and possibly our men) and it will take place in our hometown and possibly in our own backyard.  We might walk in the grass but there will be no mud, sand, paint, or jumping in a pool for us.

I find some Trash the Dress photos to be stunning…

And others, can be a bit too much…

image via Desi van Zyl Photography/ Photo by Riess Photography

Sister Big Eyes came up with the idea of us posing together in our dresses and I was overjoyed at the suggestion.  We will do our Trash the Dress sisters shoot the evening following her daytime Sunday fancy picnic wedding with our hair and make-up conveniently already done, and while her photographer is still in our midst.  When Sister first suggested it, she simply said we should take a few photos together of us in our gowns after her reception.  Of course me being me I ran with the idea and daydreamed about setting aside a three-hour long photo shoot with multiple locations all over the Twin Cities.  I think we’re going to end up somewhere in the middle of our two ideas and I know it will be perfect.  I was flattered that she didn’t mind sharing the end of her day with me and then proceeded to freak out when I realized I will have to fit into my dress three months after my wedding and only two months after my fabulous honeymoon.

Recently I got to try on Evie (remember when I named my bridal gown?) again at the bridal salon when I was home for our third planning trip and the annual family reunion.  But that wasn’t why we were there, the real reason I was back at the salon was to see Sister Big Eyes in her bridal gown for the FIRST TIME (unfortunately I missed the appointment where she found it).

Isn’t she beautiful?

Sorry, I can’t show you her dress either!   But I will tell you she bought a dress by the same designer as I did.

Sister Big Eyes bought her dress at the same bridal salon where I bought my dress and my bridesmaid’s dresses (I promise I’ll get to that eventually!).  I’m so happy she found the dress of her dreams and trust me when I say it looks gorgeous on her!  It was a bit surreal being at the shop, Mom Sword taking photos of her two daughters in their bridal gowns.  It was a special and rare moment for the three of us.

There was another family dress shopping while we were re-trying on our gowns; they had three sisters in their family and one even shared my name!  Two of the daughters were getting married six months apart.  So clearly, we are not alone in having a double wedding year!

Outside of the salon

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

What do you think of our “Trash the Dress: Sisters Edition” idea?  Are you trashing your dress?


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