Save the Date reveal!

Fresh out of the box and blissfully unaware of the typo!

My FAVORITE part of our STD is the little airplane and the whimsical writing of the “save the date” part. We specifically chose to say “Join us for the weekend,” because  we want to encourage everyone who’s not from Minnesota to use our wedding as an excuse to enjoy a short trip up North.  The reasoning behind this comes down to two major factors, 1) unpredictable MN March weather = flying or driving in and out same day is not going to be possible, and 2) we want to spend as much time with everyone as possible!

My family is driving in from North Dakota, Mr. Sword’s family is flying in from Scotland, and many of our wonderful friends will be flying in from Chicago or the east coast.  This is why we are hosting an OOTG rehearsal dinner so we can feed everyone twice and allow our two cultures to enjoy each other as much as possible.  Mr. Sword and I also plan to join everyone for brunch at the hotel the morning after the wedding, which will be free, since breakfast is included in the price of a hotel room.  I know some folks might not understand our logic, arguing that the day after our wedding is all about US, but Mr. Sword and I value the relationships in our life and we want to make everyone feel as special as we do.

When we leave three weeks later on our ‘moon you can bet we are going to be selfish then, focus only on each other, and enjoy reminiscing about the one hell of a party we hosted for our wedding.

It took FOREVER to pick the right photo for our STD, but since we’ve received lots of compliments on it I’m thinking we made the right decision!  Hope you like them as much as we do!  Sorry for the extra large photo but I figured they’d be easier to see this way.

(all photos personal)

We were thrilled with the final product of our save the date despite the stupid typo… how did you feel about yours?  Are you glad you took the time to send them out?  Anyone else expecting lots of out-of-state and out-of-country guests?


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