Kids and Ushers

Here’s how it is, I’m having kids be the ushers at our wedding and I’m super pumped about it.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Cousin Frankie is technically the Head Usher and an adult.  He will be walking my Mom and the Grandparents to their special seats up front as well as rolling out the good ol’ aisle runner, but he won’t be seating people or handing out programs.  I know it’s bit un-traditional to have young ushers but I can’t think of anything better than having my two cousins and my nanny kiddo all dressed up and taking part in our ceremony.

My Mom’s brother has two kids, Cousin Singer, a boy age 14, and Cousin Dancer, a girl age 11.  Together with Nanny boy, age 10, these three will make up our adorable group of ushers.  Now I know we aren’t talking about little little kids here, in fact we’re talking about a teenager and two tweens, but I think their energy and charisma is just what we need in an usher on the day of our wedding.

We definitely won’t have seating sides due to our high out-of-town guest ratio and because we have a ton of mutual friends that wouldn’t know where to sit!  I haven’t decided if the ushers will be showing people to their exact row or merely pointing out open and available seats after handing over a program.  Cousin Singer and Nanny Boy will be in black suits and I’m thinking Cousin Dancer will be in a black dress.  Ideally, all the ushers including Head Usher Cousin Frankie will have some of the tartan fabric on their person, but what that will look like all depends on the amount of extra fabric we receive.

Enough blathering, lets put some faces to the fake names I’ve made up!!  (Blathering is a word I’ve heard my FMIL use about herself in Scotland and I have decided to incorporate it into my vocabulary; it means to talk long-windedly without making very much sense.  Obviously, it’s a word made for me.)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my family.  They are talented, hilarious, loving, forgiving, and always there for me when I need them.  Here is a photo of all the cousins with Grandpa and Grandma at a recent gathering to celebrate G and G’s 55th wedding anniversary in Fargo, ND.

Cousin Singer is front and center and next to him is Cousin Dancer.  Cousin Frankie is standing in the back next to Mr. Scottish.  You’ll also recognize BM Jo (who is sister to Cousin Frankie), myself, MOH Big Eyes holding my nephew pup, FBIL, The Glue, and course my Mom’s lovely parents.

Mr. Scottish, BM Jo, Cousin Frankie, and Cousin Dancer

Cousin Singer spraying The Glue during a family water gun fight, yep we’re one fun family

Now, here are some photos of me and my Nanny Boy.  I’ve known him since he was 5 and it’s been amazing to watch him grow up.  He’s one of the smartest kids I know and truly challenges me to think deeper.  He’s goofy and shares my ridiculous sense of humor.  And the best part is?  He is going to have so much fun hanging out with Cousin Singer and Cousin Dancer at the wedding!

At a restaurant in Chicago.

Hitting the pool!

We’re awesome and we know it.

(all photos personal)

PHEW!  Anyone else doing something unique with their ushers?  Anyone else lucky enough to have the best family in the world too?!?!


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