Dressing my girls

It still shocks me how easy, fast, and lucky we were with picking bridesmaid dresses.  During my second whirlwind planning trip I had made time to go bridesmaid dress shopping with MOH Big Eyes and BM L Dawg while Mr. Sword and I were in town.  BM Jo (my cousin) couldn’t get away from work in North Dakota but lucky for us her mom, Auntie B came along to share in the experience and offer insight into BM Jo’s preferences.  Unfortunately, BM Wee Sis (Mr. Sword’s younger sister) lives in Scotland and would be trusting us to make the decision for her, but she is very understanding and easy-going and we sent her pictures to keep her informed.  She has great taste so it was no surprise to me that she loved the dress as well!   Finally, Mom Sword rounded out our crew!

I had scheduled one appointment at the Wedding Shoppe for bridal gowns and another appointment for bridesmaid dresses the following day.  It was at that appointment where we not only found the girls their dresses but I was able to try on my lovely gown, Evie, for a second time, pay for her, and get fitted for the strapless bra that will be sewn into the bodice once it arrives.  All in all it was a BIG last day in town!

Before I do the big reveal, a little back story…

I had always thought I’d want short dresses for my girls, that is until I got engaged.  As soon as the details of the wedding began simmering in my brain it just hit me!  My bridesmaids must wear long dresses!  Suddenly I couldn’t see it any other way, and thus the search began for the perfect long gown.

Now I LOVE the fad of wearing different style dresses of the same color/fabric, but when all of your groomsman are going to be wearing completely different kilts I think it’s important to have uniformity on the other side.  In our case it’s the men that will vary in style and skirt (haha) as opposed to the ladies!

After scouting the internet for ideas I was pretty set on this dress by Alfred Angelo for my four lovely ladies:

image via Wedding Shoppe Inc./Alfred Angelo

Here is MOH Big Eyes wearing that exact dress and while it looks great on her, the texture and cut didn’t seem to mix well with my dress.  We were able to compare their dress options with my wedding gown since we were buying them from the same store at the same time!  It was extremely helpful to see the dresses side by side.  This also means I had to crop myself out of this photo.

It felt like only minutes before everyone was gushing about how we had found THE DRESS.  Sister Big Eyes loved it, BM L Dawg loved it, Auntie B thought BM Jo would love it, and we all knew Mr. Sword’s Wee Sis would look good in practically anything.  I was actually a little overwhelmed at this moment.  I was trying to process the fact that I was purchasing my own dress while making sure that the girls were happy and wondering why no one was worried that the bridesmaid dress of our dreams was 195 dollars!?!?!  We all ended up with a 10% discount because of a same day purchase making them only 175 dollars, but I was still concerned.  I do not want to be that person who forces her loved ones to spend more than they can afford on a dress for one day.  That said, the girls were adamant and completely smitten.

After a quick pep talk from Mom Sword (aren’t Moms great?) I was able to commit to my bridesmaid dresses.  I’m still not sure how many they tried on or why it was so easy, but I’m not going to question it!

(drum roll please)


image via Wedding Shoppe Inc./Kennedy Blue

again, I had to be cropped out!

We have since decided on no sashes, but this is a good photo regardless!

The designer is Kennedy Blue and the color is eggplant.  Yes, the oh-so-important decision of color was left undecided until the kilt arrived.  In the photo above it looks like MOH is wearing a sash similar to eggplant and BM L Dawg is sporting one that closer matches our other option of wine.

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

So there you have it!  What do you think?  I wish I had more pictures of them in the dresses but once they arrive I’ll be sure to take some more.  Did anyone else find a dress for their girls at the first place they visited?


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