My Bee Dream has come true!

Hi Hive!!  I am so ecstatic and grateful, (and to be honest), a little shocked to bee here right now!  When I first read my acceptance email I most definitely tripped over my own feet as I bounded into the bathroom to shout to Mr. Sword that my dream had COME TRUE!  As a self-proclaimed princess and an artist I’m always daydreaming about something, and becoming a Weddingbee blogger has been a dream of mine ever since I got engaged.

And now here I am, Miss Sword!  Mr. Sword and I are SO excited to share our wedding journey with the rest of the Hive!  But first, who are The Swords?

 This is what we’d like to think we look like all the time:
Super chic, chill, and Hollywood.
But this is who we really are:
Big dorks who love to laugh and most definitely live up to the “opposites attract” theory!
As an actor I tend to be a bit on the emotional side and I have a flair for the dramatic.  (Seriously though I’m that adult who openly sobs at Disney movies in public, yep awkward.)  I enjoy being the center of attention, but am ridiculously dedicated to all of my wonderful family and friends.

personal photo

Mr. Sword on the other hand is a shy guy who loves a good lie in (that’s Scottish for sleeping in) and a good whiskey!  Oh, did I mention he’s Scottish?  As in, Mr. Sword is from a small town outside of Glasgow, Scotland and is living here on a work visa.  He’s got it all too, the accent, the pale skin, AND the ability to stay skinny while eating nothing but meat and potatoes and zero veggies!

personal photo

But why the Sword icon?
Well, I have to say I was bummed when the fairy tale generation icons kept dwindling away, for a while I had my eyes set on Coach, but once the lovely Miss Coach  joined the Hive, it was clear that wasn’t meant to be! Mr. Sword assured me there would be another moniker just right for me in the event that I was accepted.  Soon, as far as I could tell, Sword was the only icon left, but I just wasn’t into it.  I thought it was much too masculine for this girly-girl, but Mr. Sword changed my mind in a hot second.  He said, But it’s the “claymore!”  What is a claymore, you ask?  Great question.

image via Wikipedia

A claymore is a double-edged or two-handed Scottish broadsword.  The claymore was used frequently throughout Medieval times but it’s become a running joke in my family that we NEED to have a claymore at our wedding.  Or all the boys seem to think so anyway!  So here I am, instead of the Princess and the Pea, I’m the *Princess and the Sword.
*Years ago I took a stage combat course while getting my degree so being that I’ve “handled” a sword myself, maybe this icon is more fitting than I originally thought!
I’m super pumped to begin this journey with you all! Thanks for having me Hive!
(for the very first time)
Miss Sword

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