Engagement photos!!

Since the beginning of our engagement, I’ve known we would do our E-shoot in Chicago since our wedding would be taking place in Minnesota.  I was so excited to showcase our favorite big city in our shoot and I wanted to include one of the photos on our Save the Dates, thus I tried to move quickly.  Finding an amazing photographer was the easy part, picking a date wasn’t.  The first date fell through because of Mr. Sword’s trip to Scotland to renew his work visa and the second date fell through because Chicago was hosting the NATO Summit and things got a little cray-cray.  Finally, the third date was the charm!  Here are some of our favorite shots from our three different locations.

All photos by the wonderfully talented Jennifer Jackson.

Location number one: Oak Street Beach.  We had a beautiful but cloudy day that made for great skyline and lake shots.  This was our sexy shoot.  😉

Location number two: John Hancock building.  This was the easiest location to pick because it’s where we got engaged!  I was so excited go back and make a toast to our upcoming wedding!  This was our fancy shoot.  Side note:  You have to buy a drink to secure a table at the Signature Lounge and I most definitely got more than a little tipsy on my ONE beverage.  Clearly a breakfast fail that morning!





Location number three: Millennium Park.  Our final shoot is where we included our homemade props!  My boss helped us secure foam board, and we searched the internet to find signs we thought represented us best!  I think they turned out great and we had a blast laughing with our photographer as we walked about the park!  This was our fun shoot.




And finally I leave you with Mr. Sword’s favorite photo!

At first glance it might seem as though it’s not an engagement shot, but yes, we are in there somewhere!  Mr. Sword doesn’t really like being in front of the camera and prefers scenery, I on the other hand, well, if you can’t tell by now, I love posing for the camera!  I have to say that even though he is camera-shy, Mr. Sword was AMAZING at our shoot.  He was cute, comfortable, and many of his faces just cracked me up, like this one:


Did you use props in your engagement photos? Did you take any silly/funny photos like we did?  What is your favorite location of the three we chose?


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