Ceremony Deets for my Peeps

So far, I’ve shared very little about what our ceremony is going to be entail besides that we have one awesome bagpiper slated to play music.  But there’s a TON more information to share.

For starters, I am writing our vows.  Since I’ve been smitten by the written word my entire life I decided to seize the opportunity to make our vows that much more special by personalizing them for our wedding.  Mr. Sword is chief editor and has final say over the vows, but I planned on writing both sets of them, keeping them mostly the same but changing a few parts.  At first I wasn’t sure how to get started, especially when I was writing something that both of us have to speak out-loud.

My solution was to make a list of questions for both of us to answer so I had ideas and real quotes to steal from.  Here is the list of Q’s we answered:

  • From the moment we met I knew this:
  • My favorite thing about you is:
  • I’m most attracted to your:
  • I plan to love you until :
  • I think it’s weird when you:
  • You make me laugh by doing this:
  • I have always know this one thing about you:
  • You are my best friend because:
  • I encourage your:
  • I miss this when I’m away from you:
  • I ask forgiveness when:
  • I am happy to join your family because:
  • This is my wish for our future:
  • I am thankful for you because:

Then I went to my favorite local coffee shop and wrote out a rough draft.  I didn’t use as much of our answers as I would have liked, but they were definitely inspiring.  Mr. Sword revised them and only eliminated one line.  Overall, I think I was able to write very sincere and touching vows with a hint of humor.  I plan on revisiting them in a month or so to make changes (one of the perks of writing them so far in advance).  Unfortunately, you’ll all have to wait until the recaps to see how I did!  🙂

Another important/unique part of our ceremony is the handfasting.

Image via Style Me Pretty/Photo by Larissa Cleveland/Designed by Shannon Leahy Events

Way back when, handfasting used to be a Celtic tradition of betrothal, where the couple would have their hands wrapped together and then a year later they could decide whether or not to officially marry.  Many times handfastings are done as pagan wedding rituals.  Whatever the meaning, once I read about the idea on a Scottish website I knew it was just perfect for our ceremony.  Our plan is to use strips of our tartan fabric to wrap around our hands to represent the joining of our lives and families.  Thinking about it makes me giddy with excitement!

Finally music IS big in my family and big in my wedding.  My whole family on Mom Sword’s side actually sing (the same two songs) once a year at my grandparent’s church in Bismarck, North Dakota.  Truth be told we’re kind of celebrities up there.  (no.big.deal)  Sister Big Eyes and I sing a lot together and The Glue usually plays guitar for us.  We’ve even recorded a CD and our “band” is called BME (beginning middle and end).  While The Glue likes to pretend he’s not in said “band,” MOH Big Eyes loves to sing!  In fact, her future husband is a musician as well and their wedding has a lovely musical theme to it.

Wow, that was a lot of back story just to say, my Sister is singing a song in our wedding and I’m so happy about it I could burst!  She’s gonna get her solo on and we’re hoping to find some sort of keyboard to back her up (since we don’t think guitar will sound quite right).  The song she’ll be singing is from the TV show Smash‘s version of “Crazy Dreams” (originally sung by Carrie Underwood).

The lyrics are a bit very unconventional for a wedding, but I just didn’t want the typical sappy love song (yawn fest). PLUS, marrying Mr. Sword is definitely a crazy dream come true for me!  We all know I talk about dreams A LOT on this blog.

Ok, so who is writing their own vows?  Has anyone seen a handfasting at a wedding they’ve been to?  Anyone else having a family member perform some kind of music in their ceremony?


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