My quest for the best guest book

It’s been so frustrating trying to come up with a creative and unique guest book alternative.  And by “creative” and “unique” I really mean “Scottish” and “Princess-like,” because let’s be honest, I’m obsessed with my THEME!  I’d really like most aspects of the wedding to fit within “A Highland Fairy Tale,” but that proves difficult at times.  I know my theme is a bit specific intense but I’m having a blast making it all come together and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

As it is now I am currently struggling with incorporating the THEME in favors, the card box, and the guest book.  I have ideas/options for all of them but I want to focus on the guest book in this post.

My first idea was to print out a book from Shutterfly with our engagement photos on one side and empty pages to sign on the other, classy and then easy to enjoy later.  But it also seemed easy to ignore at the wedding.  Then I read about the calendar guest book idea where guests sign their names on their birthdays and at the end you have this practical and awesome reminder for the future.  But I prefer everything be stored on my Google calendar and that idea seemed a bit boring.  I also toyed with having a puzzle guest book because it seemed so fun and I love to play games!  But I hate puzzles.  Oh, mundane wedding problems!

After lots of thinking I’ve FINALLY settled on something that mixes both sides of our “A Highland Fairy Tale” wedding and I wanted to run it by the Hive first!

Thanks to Google and posts by Mrs. Cola and Mrs. Honey, I think the Sword wedding is going to have a wishing stone guest book!

The Papery Nook/ image via Etsy

It fits both parts of our theme because wishing stones were said to have originated in Ireland (which is not Scotland but a close Celtic friend of the Scots),  and since fairy tales and princess’ always include stories of dreams and wishes, we can ask people to share their dream or wish for our future on the cute little stones!  AM I GRASPING AT STRAWS HERE?!?

Truthfully, I think this would be the perfect guest book for an eco-friendly or outdoorsy wedding, but hopefully it works for our theme as well!  🙂  I just like how after people write their well wishes on the stone they can put them in a vase of water to symbolize the tradition of making a wish and then throwing something into a river or stream and hoping it will come true. It’s truly amazing when dreams come true!

Mr. Sword’s only concern was that you don’t get to display the guest book or read it post-wedding, but thanks to Mrs. Cola’s tutorial I think there is a fantastic way to re-purpose the stones in a super subtle and decorative way.

As a destory-it-yourself bride I plan on purchasing the smooth stones, permanent markers, and vase for this little project.  I do plan on typing out something about how the guest book works and framing it for the table.

What are you doing for your guest book?  Anyone else trying to make it fit your theme?


5 thoughts on “My quest for the best guest book

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  2. I love the idea! The only thing I would do is to make sure the writing won’t wash off after you put it in the water if you want to read them later- do a tester. Also make sure you have enough stones and a big enough vase 🙂

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