I’m a 28 year old Cinderella wannaBEE

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that when you google the words “glass slipper wedding shoes” you are taken to photos like this:

image via Ebay

THAT IS A LITTLE GIRL’S SHOE!  Once again, I’m reminded of how my wedding theme is similar to that of a 6 year old’s birthday party.  Ah, good times.  🙂

After weeding through shoe companies that play on the “glass slipper” name, pictures of Cinderella shoe favors, Cinderella shoe centerpieces, and children sized slippers, I wasn’t left with much!  Apparently Louboutin designed a shoe to resemble the famous Disney character’s slippers, which is awesome, and it’s a gorgeous shoe but too ornate for me.  And too high for a wedding!  (Let’s not even get into the price and the fact that you can’t purchase them!)

Shoes by Christian Louboutin/ Photo by Walt Disney Company/ image via Fashionista

Now I know I don’t have to have a glass, plastic, or even clear shoe to feel like a princess but ever since I named all my girls and gave myself the alias of Cinderella I’ve felt compelled to at least try to resemble the famous slippers at much as I can!

So far I’ve been able to find one good replica:

image via Ebay

But I’m undecided if I want to take such a specific route.  I don’t even know if I think the shoe is that beautiful to be perfectly honest!  It’s simple (which I LOVE) but is it enough for a wedding day outfit?

I think I might visit a traditional bridal shoe salon or browse a few boutiques to see what else is out there before I make any more rash decisions and start googling “fairy godmothers” and “pumpkins that turn into carriages”!

Are you really opinionated about your bridal shoe?  Or have you barely started looking like me?  What do you think of my glass slipper idea??


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