My Black and White Invite

I just got invited to my very own bridal shower and it’s even cooler than I ever imagined!  I’m so excited because like I mentioned in another post I’m having my Minnesota bridal shower pretty far out from the wedding, in October.  This shower is being thrown by two of my aunties and my best friend and BM L Dawg.  Before I go any further, I have to say, I’m so thankful for all of their hard work, and I’m so incredibly blessed by their generosity!

BM L Dawg sent out the invitations, (from Target if you’re interested… oh how I love Target!) after she printed the important information right on them.  I think she did a fantastic job!  How cute are they?

Even the envelopes came decorated!

So you all know how much I love a good theme, right?  Well, the theme for my shower is a black and white theme where all the guests are asked to wear black, and as the bride, I’m asked to wear white!  (Cue shopping trip music.)  Even though I know what to wear, I don’t know anything else about it, and I’m very content to wait patiently and be surprised.

My last planning trip in state was back in July so I’m also excited to go home again and finalize some more wedding details.  This will be my first wedding planning trip to Minnesota without Mr. Sword, and while I know I will miss him, I’m excited for some quality time with all the wonderful women in my life.  Plus, showers were made for girly-girls like me who enjoy being the center of attention (as opposed to shying away from it).  Dresses, treats, laughing, presents, games, family, and friends, what’s not to love?  🙂

Finally, I have to highlight my favorite thing about my black and white shower invite.   I think I’ve mentioned before my obsession with quotes, but I am not the only one!  BM L Dawg is also an avid collector of quotations and I think it’s so fitting that she found such a lovely one to include on the top of the invitation.


(all photos personal)

Does your bridal shower have a theme?  Anyone else having one 5 or 6 months in advance like me??


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