Irrational Pre-Wedding Fears

We all have them.  Those weird little wedding related fears that keep us up at night, those things that are not even a big deal (well sometimes they are), and that most people would tell you not to worry about, but they are your fears and they feel scary to YOU.  I’m not talking about wondering if your partner will show up at the wedding or whether or not you should be getting married, those are what we call REAL fears, and in that case, please seek professional help.

To be honest, my irrational fears don’t keep me up at night (my to-do list does!), and more often than not they just make me laugh.  I’m a perpetual worrier so I constantly feel like I’m climbing an uphill battle against staying present in the current moment.  9 times out of 10, my worries don’t even come true so it’s silly to waste time on them, but for the sake of making us all feel a little less alone, I will share my irrational pre-wedding fears, and then you can share yours!

1. Mr. Sword and I won’t have that special moment walking down the aisle.  My fear is we won’t end up staring at one another, eyes locked in an intimate gaze, like everyone says they do during that special walk.  For whatever reason,  I feel like something will prevent us from that out-of-body moment.  Either I’ll be smiling back at my adoring fans friends and family, Mr. Sword’s shyness will cause him to look away or look down, or there will be people shouting from balconies above in the hotel causing everyone’s attention to go upwards.  WHO KNOWS!!?!  But all I hear is how special this moment is for the bride and groom, and my irrational fear is that we won’t have one!

How sweet is this?


2. No one will dance when the Ceilidh band plays.  This is a common fear for many brides, will people dance at our wedding or won’t they?  We’ve all been to weddings where the dance floor is scarcely populated and the vibe isn’t very upbeat.  This fear is extra silly to me because I know most of my guests are already pumped about learning to dance Scottish-style, and I know our band is going to kick-ass, but there’s a part of me that remembers how nervous some people get about group dancing, and what if it ends up being a big bust?

3. There will be a blizzard the weekend of my wedding preventing all of my out-of-town-guests from attending the wedding.  Unfortunately this is less irrational and more like a 50/50 chance.  Minnesota in March can be 60 and inexplicably warm or -5 with an all-out blizzard.  This is one of those things I have ZERO control over, so I just push it out of my mind and remember that we are as prepared as we can possibly be.  Our whole wedding is in one location, we are inviting OOTG’s to come into town the day before for a meal to avoid last-minute flights, and if the past is any indication, last March was pretty decent.  The icky part of this fear is I would be so sad if any of Mr. Sword’s family and close friends couldn’t come due to crazy weather.  Remember the Iceland volcanic ash back in 2011 that made it so no flights were able to leave Scotland??  You know, stuff like that.

This is me imagining I’m walking carefully across the slippery ice towards the rehearsal dinner location.  More on that later!

4.  My arms will look fatty-fat mcFaterson all day.  See, I have this thing about my arms.  They always look huge to me!  I swear, I just have big arms.  We all carry our weight differently, right? Well I tend to carry my weight pretty evenly distributed, even when I’m a little heavier.  I’ve been told I will ALWAYS have an hour-glass figure no matter what my size (by a gay man and we know they speak the truth) and more than one friend has said I’m lucky because my extra weight is spread out all over my body, translated that is just a nice way to say, “you’re fat all over.” Haha!  While I’m slowly but surely trying to lose weight for the wedding, I’m struck by the paralyzing fear that my arms will always make me look bigger than I am because that’s just how they are!  I’m trying to tone them up but if every wedding portrait I take is me posing with my arm on my hip so as to add some shape to it, you’ll know why!!  🙂

I am only showing this picture because I really like all of you.  I LOATHE this fat-armed photo.

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

I can’t be the only one!  What are your irrational pre-wedding fears?  Married bees, did any of your fears come true (heaven forbid)?


2 thoughts on “Irrational Pre-Wedding Fears

  1. This post made me laugh a few times. You do not have fat arms, I promise! I also promise to dance, and arrive early in the event of weather stuff, but I’ll butt out for the special moment. That one’s all you. Or, actually all you and Mr. S. 🙂

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