Pop Quiz: Planning All The Details

Hi everyone!  Today I’m joining the pop quiz series to talk about wedding details!  These don’t include the big stuff like your officiant, photographer, caterer, or buying THE DRESS.  Instead, I want to talk about All The Little Things that go into planning a wedding.  Because it’s a lot of fun and more often than not, the details are where we get to be the most creative!

1. Which of these options best describes your personal wedding theme?
A) Country, Rustic, Outdoorsy
B) Modern, Simple, Elegant
C) Unique, Wild, Bright
D) Romantic, Princess-like, Whimsical
E) None.  To re-quote my fave wedding remark EVER, “Umm, a wedding has a theme!  It’s called a wedding!”

Miss Sword Says: I LOVE THEMES!  I would say our wedding is mostly D with a side of B as well.  Those of you who have been following my posts know that I refer to my wedding as “A Highland Fairy Tale.” Does your wedding have a title? If so please explain in the comment section!

2. What became your favorite detail over the course of your wedding planning?
A) Paper products (invites, STD’s, escort cards)
B) Desserts (cake, candy buffet, late-night snack)
C) Bridal accessories (veil, jewelry, shoes)
D) Decor (centerpieces, favors, lighting)

Miss Sword Says: I would have to say A or D, but to be honest, none of the little details got me as excited as picking my photographer, venue, or dress!

3. What detail of the wedding did you struggle to care about, if any?
A) Paper products (invites, STD’s, escort cards)
B) Desserts (cake, candy buffet, late-night snack)
C) Bridal accessories (veil, jewelry, shoes)
D) Decor (centerpieces, favors, lighting)

Miss Sword Says:  This is going to sound really weird coming from a girly-girl, but definitely C.  I have no idea or vision for my jewelry, I’m still very unsure which route I will use to get my veil, and if you’ve read my one idea for bridal shoes, you know I’m nowhere near solving that one.  At least I have the most important piece (the dress)!

4. Where did you get most of your wedding detail ideas?
A) Blogs of course!
B) Family/Friends
C) Wedding websites
D) Most of my ideas are unique to me!

Miss Sword Says: A. Duh!  I love wedding blogs!!  I like to think some of my ideas are unique, but I’m sure if you tried hard enough you could find someone who’s done it first. But who cares?  Weddings can’t help but be personal reflections of the couple no matter where the details come from!

5. Are you making a lot of your wedding details?
A) Yes! I’m a DIY fanatic! It’s fun and it’s saving me money!
B) NO WAY. I’m a destroy-it-yourself kind of person. I’ll be buying most things.
C) I like to pretend I DIY and sometimes I even buy the materials, but usually I just end up ordering because it’s more time-efficient.
D) I DIY most things but it’s because I’m really good at X, Y, or Z (graphic design, painting, sewing, etc).

Miss Sword Laughs Says: B. Remember when I asked the hive about whether or not I could make my dream cake topper? Well, I’m probably gonna end up ordering that soon. Glad I’ve spent about three months just thinking about DIYing it. FAIL.

6. Who has been the most helpful person with All The Little Things (other than your partner)?
A) Mom
B) Sister or Cousin
D) Wedding Planner
E) Other? Please specify!

Miss Sword Says: A.  Mom Sword ROCKS!  She is constantly on the look out for wedding related stuff and she’s usually spot on!

7. How many times a day do you think about a detail related to the wedding?
A) Once or twice
B) Five times at least
C) Can’t even count, it’s constant!
D) Umm, rarely, my life is too busy for constant wedding planning!

Miss Sword Says: I don’t really want to answer this, but of course I will; I have to say B or C.  I definitely don’t think about my wedding every minute of the day, and I MAKE SURE to talk about other things when having conversations with people outside my bridal bubble.  But my brain moves fast and I get ideas for planning (or for blogging about planning) ALL THE TIME.  It’s a bit exhausting… but mostly awesome.

8. Finally, is there a wedding detail that is pretty pointless in your humble opinion?
A) Guestbook
B) Menu cards
C) Bathroom baskets
D) Ceremony programs
E) Welcome bags
F) Favors
G) Nope, all of those things will make an appearance at my wedding!

Miss Sword Says: I have to say G. I am excited about my wishing stone guestbook.  I’m going to attempt to make menu cards (assuming there’s time); I love the idea of DIYing bathroom baskets for your guests, just like Miss Dragon!  My awesome Boss Lady has already agreed to make our ceremony programs, and I plan to have both welcome bags for all of our OOTG’s and favors for everyone!  Phew, so much to do!

Looking forward to hearing all of your answers!!  🙂


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