My Wirthday Gift

What is a wirthday gift you may ask?  GREAT Q.  It’s another one of Miss Sword’s made up words, much like shrendoring, which means to share a vendor with someone.  A wirthday gift is a present that doubles as both a birthday AND a wedding gift.  Get it?

Remember when I talked about destroying DIYing my ideal cake topper by making it myself? I was convinced (just like many of you smart hive members) that 45 dollars was too much for a cake topper when it could be made on a smaller budget.  But then Mom Sword reminded me that I’m not the most patient crafter and well, I don’t really know how to craft at all!  She suggested I buy it, and soon I was at the point of pushing it out of my mind until one of my honor attendants offered to take a stab at it, but turns out no one had to DIY anything… because…

I just received it as a wirthday gift from MOH Big Eyes!!

(MOH Big Eyes is also known as Sister Big Eyes in case you are just tuning in to our sister saga.)  And Sister Big Eyes decided our “happily ever after” cake topper would make the perfect early birthday gift because it’s not OK for me to spend that much on my cake topper, but it is more than OK for her to gift it to me!  Isn’t she the best?

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the quality of the topper, and it’s the first Etsy product I’ve ever owned and been able to review.  The cake topper comes from the Etsy shop, Better Off Wed, and while I’m very pleased with the topper,  the one thing that concerns me is the very slender toothpick type thing that is holding up the words.  It seems a bit unsteady in my opinion.

While I’m certain a more substantial stick could have been used it does make the words stand out nicely, and I think the letters look crisp and amazing!  I’m also very pleased that MOH Big Eyes chose to go with purple for the heart instead of one of our other wedding colors (forest green, chocolate, and ivory).  I think the eggplant is the most prominent of all the colors and I’m so excited to see everything come together on the big day!

When I called Sister Big Eyes to thank her for the wirthday gift (clever double name had yet to exist at that point) I gushed over how sweet she was to buy our cake topper and how surprised I was to see it.  She told me she was glad that I was happy and that she was hoping this secured her another blog post on Weddingbee.  HAHA!  She’s joking of course (I’m the narcissistic one of the family) but still.  It’s all about making it on the blog.

So, I’d like to dedicate this blog entry to Sister Big Eyes.  May you haunt my wedding posts often and may I come up with an equally as good wirthday gift for you come May.  Also, here is an embarrassing photo highlighting your BIG EYES.

(all photos personal)

Have you received a wirthday gift too?  What does everyone think of the cake topper now that we’ve seen it in person?


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