The Moment

In Meg Keene’s book, A Practical Wedding, she discusses the concept of having an F*&$ It moment.  (Please excuse the replacement letters, I don’t normally type the F bomb, and Mom Sword, whose favorite curse words are “Oh Fish Face!” reads every post, so we’ll just leave it at that.)

I guess the F It moment is that moment on your wedding day or during your wedding week where you decide to let everything go and just roll with the punches.  It’s that moment you consciously decide to ignore whatever stressful things come your way and instead try to be present and carefree during your wedding day.

If something goes wrong, it doesn’t bother you because you are calm.  You just shake your head and say, “F It.”

WHAT!?!? Can I please F the F It moment for a second?

Ok, Ok, I get that this is a necessary part of being able to have a happy wedding day, because you can’t possibly worry about every little thing and still have a good time if you’re freaking out constantly.  But as a type A, anal, highly organized and chronic worrier, I don’t imagine my personality changing all that much just because it’s my wedding day.  And I’m OK with that.  (I actually really enjoy the type A freak I’ve become.)

While I do plan on handing over my cell phone to one of my honor attendants so I don’t have to field calls all day, I just don’t think I’ll able to shake my awareness of what’s going on around me.  Just because I might notice if a vendor is running late or the wrong song gets played, and just because it might agitate me for a second, none of that means I’m destined to have a terrible and unhappy wedding day.  I’m allowed to be ME on the Big Day even if ME is someone who’s nosy and detail-oriented.  I’m not a free-spirit, relaxed, flighty person.  I’m ME.

For the sake of being open to new things, I will in fact pick a moment to let it all go. I will pick a moment to remind myself to be present.  But I won’t call it my F It moment.  I will call it my G moment aka my Give it to God moment.

The book suggests your screw it all moment come as you’re putting on your dress, but I can’t think of a better time to surrender to the moment than when you’re about to walk down the aisle.

To be honest, I’ll most likely be praying.  And crying.  I’ll be holding on tightly to my Dad’s arm, and talking to God as I stare at room full of love and one dashing Scottish man.  After a year of planning, relationship-growth, family bonding, and lots of help, I’ll be ready and present as I marry my favorite person.

It’s actually really refreshing to be enjoying this wedding planning process as much as I am, because I’m that girl who has wanted to plan a wedding since FOREVER.  I’m that girl who is obsessed with TLC wedding shows and hearing people’s engagement stories.  I’m that girl who people thought might not enjoy it quite as much as I thought I would, but turns out, I TOTALLY AM.

But whether you F It or whether you get upset over something on your wedding day, or whether you decide to cry, laugh, or Give it to God, it doesn’t matter.  Weddings are personal reflections of you, all the parts of you.  Mom Sword says the best weddings are the ones where the couples are clearly happy and in love.  It doesn’t matter what the centerpieces look like or if people dance or not, as long as they can feel the love your guests will have a good time.

I hope I’m always a fan of weddings.  They represent the coming together of families and the joy of new beginnings, and in the end, I’m proud to be that girl.

This MOMENT is brought to you by a very sappy Miss Sword. who is having one of those emotional weeks.  Happy planning wherever you are in the process and please share your planned or unplanned F It or G moment!


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