Kids and Cats

Often times, when it’s time to leave to go somewhere with my nanny children, I like to say something stupid like, “Alright, let’s go kids and cats!”  Or I’ll say, “Do we have everyone?  Kids? Cats?”  As if I was caring for a zoo of children and tigers.  (I’m odd.)

The funniest part about this is I don’t even like cats!  They are so lame compared to dogs; I just never saw the appeal.  Come on, is there anything cuter than my nephew-pup in his doggy life jacket?

Fibonacci and Littlest C

And in an effort for full disclosure, can I just say I would NOT call myself a kid person either?

GASP!!! BUT YOU’RE A NANNY!?!?!?!  Yep.  Naturally, I’m in love with my nanny kids but do I have to like every kid I see on the damn playground?  Not gonna happen.  I know it doesn’t make sense… I have two younger siblings and lots of younger cousins.  I have friends with kids I adore, and despite wanting to have my own kids soon someday, I still can’t say I’m obsessed with children in general (not that there’s anything wrong with those who are).

So why am I talking about kids and cats??  Well, contrary to what you’ve been led to believe in this post, I AM having a kid friendly wedding.   And I’m super pumped about it.

This isn’t the first time this topic has been on the hive, some bees are also having a kid-friendly wedding and some aren’t. What is right for one, might not be right for another.

We’re only going to have about 10-15 kids if they all come, but the thing is, I really like all the kids we’re inviting.  To me, that is the important piece that makes kid friendly weddings work.  You have to care about them, you must have some sort of relationship with them.  The issue comes when you are inviting all of your relatives that you don’t really see/talk to anymore and they bring their kids and you’re like, who is that weirdo child being obnoxious at my wedding!?!  Why did I invite them!?!  Don’t they know I’m the princess of the day!?!

At my wedding, all the kids coming  are cool.  They range from potentially toddlers to teenagers but they’re all awesome.   They can handle talking to adults, being patient, and eating with silverware (probably better than me if we’re being honest here).

I know there many are reasons why people don’t want children at their weddings but here’s why I’m excited to welcome the kiddos to our nuptials:

1) Kids are spontaneous! They do and say cute things at random times and it’s OK because it tends to break the ice and keep a wedding natural and light-hearted.

2) Kids at weddings have the opportunity to make their parents more fun.  They get their parents to dance, they get their parents to laugh more, they get them to take pictures, and cry happy tears.  They just help keep everyone engaged and present (well for the most part anyway, we all know kids can stress their parents out as well!)

3) Kids add a sense of generation to weddings.  Does that make sense?  Both weddings and children symbolize the future so they sort of go hand in hand.  And isn’t it beautiful to see grandparents and grandkids in the same room?

So, Kids and Cats it is!! Except instead of cats, I mean cake.

(all photos personal)

Are you having a kid friendly wedding?  Why or why not?


2 thoughts on “Kids and Cats

  1. I had a couple of ‘surprise’ kids show up which was kind of annoying but the parents did a good job and they were kept in check. The only thing I didn’t like is that they didn’t RSVP for their kids so we didn’t have food for them!

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