My wedding dress doesn’t fit and I feel crazy but my shower rocked, what a weekend baby: 1

Hive, how’s it going!?!  Hopefully you’ve picked up on my “Call Me Maybe” reference (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself).  I just got back from Minnesota and what a whirlwind trip it was!  I got a BILLION things done, well almost.

I was able to book two new vendors (flowers and hair/makeup), pick up my dress (sort of), and attend my very own bridal shower.  Mom Sword and Sister Big Eyes and I even had to time to do some DIY’ing of boutonnieres.  Well, I should say they DIY’ed and I sat close by drinking diet coke and offering moral support.

I have so much to recap from my short visit that I decided to make it into a series.  I love it when Bees name their wedding recaps, but also when they do pre-wedding series on invitations, showers or anything else for that matter!

I have lots to say because this weekend was full of so many highs and also a few lows (waahhh).  So hang on and enjoy the ride!

My wedding dress doesn’t fit and I feel crazy but my shower rocked, what a weekend baby:1

You might remember my when I got my invite to this shower, it was black and white, and hinted at a similar theme.  My invite specifically asked that I wear white to the shower and all of the guests were asked to wear black.  I knew immediately where I wanted to go to get my outfit.  Why, White House Black Market of course!

Lucky for me, I was shopping at the end of August, just when all of the summer dresses are going on sale and the fall dresses are coming out.  And really lucky for me was that white was going out of style with Labor Day right around the corner!  So I found a fabulous dress on sale for 60 dollars and I’m confident I can re-wear it again starting next summer.  Here is me posing in it a few weeks before the shower.

Naturally I HAD to buy the geometric matching jewelry set that complimented the dress so well.

(all photos personal)

Sorry that’s all I got for today!  Miss Sword needs to catch up on life!  But stay tuned…  🙂


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