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Guestbook Switcharoo

Remember how I said we were going to use wishing stones for our guestbook?  Weeellll, things have changed since that was posted.  And that idea has been replaced with an even better idea!

Before I reveal anymore, Sword guests, you know the drill!

(icon by Weddingbee, edited by Miss Sword)

While signing wishing stones in lieu of a book was a nod to his Celtic heritage and a sweet, whimsical idea, Mr. Sword did not think it was fair to ask everyone to sign a tiny rock.  I didn’t think it was fair that they can charge so much for a tiny rock!  Seriously, rocks are pricey!

So we brainstormed and Mr. Sword came up with a new guestbook concept that totally fits our theme.  The idea is to have our guests sign a storybook made up of funny and cute photos of Mr. Sword and I!  Similar to an engagement photo book, where guests sign their name and write their well wishes, but different because they can also add in funny captions to each photo!

We’ll probably end up putting a sign near the storybook saying something to the effect of “Mr. and Mrs. Sword went on some adventures in Chicago but they can’t seem to remember what happened blah blah blah” (still needs to be edited).  We’ll also explain that we ENCOURAGE guests to write word bubbles, witty captions, and obnoxious comments.  I’m sure we’ll be the brunt of some jokes so it’s lucky we both have pretty thick skin!

I’m so curious to see how it works out and I hope people keep it dirty clean.

Since I’m too excited to keep it all a secret, here are a few sneak peek photos that may or may not end up in the final storybook!

The dress I’m wearing in the pic above is my high school prom dress.  Whaaa?

Don’t be scared if it doesn’t make sense.  I have no idea what’s going on either!

I can’t wait to show you all the finished product!

(all photos personal and taken by friend P)

Did you swap your guestbook idea for something else like we did?  Do you think our guests will get into our storybook captions?

Shoe Me

Why am I such a shoe shopping failure?

(That’s all I got for an intro.  Witty I know.)

Here are some shoes I’ll never buy, but liked enough to save and share with you lovely people.

Satin stiletto heel with crystal/ image via Light in the Box

rsvp Shelley/ image via Zappos

Kate Spade New York Clarice/ image via Zappos

Your daily dose of shoe porn, you’re welcome.

But wait, that’s not all!  I’ve come to a conclusion that feels good in a scary, nauseous sort of way.

Hive, I have decided to order custom-designed shoes from a shop on Etsy.

Why you ask?  Because I haven’t found anything I like and I’m running out of time!  You might remember my desire for Cinderella glass slipper type shoes, but nothing I found seemed to fit that style.  Making things more difficult was the fact that I had a set inspiration in mind, but no idea of how I wanted the shoes to look, in the details and such.  It doesn’t help things when you don’t have a clear vision in your head!

So when I found an Etsy shop and lets you customize your bridal shoes, I jumped on it.  I’m still in communication with the owner and in the process of deciding which shoe base to start with, but  I’m kind of excited about the surprise of it all and the fact that no one will have the exact same pair of wedding heels.

On the other hand, I’m scared that the shoes won’t fit or that they’ll be super painful or worse yet, that I won’t like them!  As someone who rarely buys clothing or shoes online (because I’m the girl who tries on and touches everything she purchases), I’m a bit nervous to take this plunge.  But in the end,  I’m just gonna trust that it’ll work out and I’ll be rocking some fabulous shoes on my wedding day!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to tell my family friend seamstress that I won’t have my shoes for my first fitting.  I don’t think she’ll mind but I know if I were getting Evie altered at a bridal store I wouldn’t have the luxury of asking them to be flexible about my lack of shoes.  Yay for friendors!

And of course I’ll keep you guys posted every step of the way!  Let’s hope the benefits out-weight the risks.   🙂

Would you or have you ordered shoes from Etsy?  Do you have any suggestions on how I can make my shoes look Cinderella-inspired?  And finally, what do you think of the first pair of heels I posted… ugly or HOT (it’s one of those shoes that has no middle ground)?

Stag Do(s) and Don’ts

Last week, I said I’d recap Mr. Sword’s bachelor/stag party but it’s going to be a bit difficult because HE FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES.  Clearly, he’s not meant to be a blogger like myself.

Mr. Sword had quite the weekend though!  I guess they drank at their rented home away from home, drank at the local bars, went on a whiskey tour, sang karaoke, and the cops only showed up once.  Success!!  😉

I did manage to steal one photo from Facebook, and luckily, it’s a tame one.  This was taken at a Whiskey distillery in Keith, Scotland.  The story goes that not everyone was feeling well enough to go on the tour the next morning.  Hehe.

Mr. Sword and friends/ photo by Best Man Doc

And keeping with my theme, here are some Stag Do(s) and Don’ts!


DO rent a chalet (house) in the middle of nowhere to ensure one rockin’ good time.

In lieu of a photo I have this quote from one of our groomsmen: “Turns out a stag in the middle of nowhere with little planned is absolute carnage. Ruined.”


DON’T be afraid to invite over everyone in the bar to your rented chalet to party until the wee hours of the morning.  Mr. Sword said that everyone in Keith is insanely nice and were really fun.  I say, inviting strangers over to my house (rented or not) is the last thing I’d ever do!  Clearly, I’m not very friendly though.


DO take lots of shots and play lots of snooker.  (Snooker = pool table.)  Mr. Sword said he didn’t get sick even though he drank in excess and stayed up all night.  It’s gotta be that Scottish blood.  I felt sick hearing about the amount of liquor he ingested.

Again, here’s a quote from a different groomsmen, “The town of Keith has broken me. I am a shadow of a man. A shadow.”


DON’T forget to thank your awesome Best Man for throwing one hell of a Stag party!  (For the record, Mr. Sword didn’t forget and got him a personalized cigar holder.)  Best Man Doc has a PhD (hence his nickname), and has been an awesome friend to Mr. Sword for many years.  In fact, all of Mr. Sword’s buddies back home are really great guys and I’m excited to party with them in Minnesota in a few short months!  Is it March yet??

When I told my future father-in-law that I’m excited both Mr. Sword and I have such great memories from our parties, he replied with, “Yes, but I think Mr. Sword’s memories are a bit fuzzier than yours.”  HAHA.  So true.

Miss Sword Wedding Tip: I recommend scheduling your stag/hen parties for the same weekend if you can, it’s nice to be busy with your friends while they’re busy with theirs, plus then you get to share that special weekend with your partner even if you’re not physically with them!

Do you know what happened at your partner’s bachelor/bachelorette party?  Did anyone else’s guy go away for a long weekend?  Who wants to party in Keith now?

Ending my Hen Do!

I’ve decided there’s no better time to post a picture of myself eating a penis cookie than during Thanksgiving week when most of you are out spending time with your families, cooking, traveling, and overall just enjoying the holiday.  Win win.

I am one classy broad

Yep, those chocolate sprinkles definitely represent what you think they represent.  MOH Big Eyes left no stone un-turned.  She also made rice crispy penis treats too, but they were a bit too hard.  That’s what no woman said, ever.  (Wow, I’m on fire.)

Hive, please excuse my crass and photo-heavy post.  I’m in quite the bad mood and need a break from life.

Mr. Sword just arrived back from his Stag Do in Scotland on Monday night (updates on that to follow next week!), only to find out he has to fly BACK to the UK this coming weekend.  He’s needed in England for a few workshops, and I’m stuck here moaning about it.  I take that back, I’m actually attempting to be the strong one, but my definition of being the “strong one” is taking a break from whining every ten minutes or so.  WOE IS ME!!!  🙂

Poor Mr. Sword has to switch back to their 6 hour ahead time zone and travel all night on a plane before being expected to be awake and alert for a new job on Monday morning.  Then after the week of workshops in England, his team starts their real work in Kansas City which means we begin our semi LDR relationship.  You’ll remember I’ve already complained about that here.

Before I leave you with all the photos, let me say a few things: I searched EVERYWHERE for the perfect little white dress, and found one at Charlotte Russe for 15 dollars exactly one week before the big day.  It was very Mr. Sword approved and very under budget!

The pictures may lead you to believe otherwise but I only had about 3 drinks all night.  I swear.

Dancing the night away as a hen/bachelorette was pretty amazing!  I loved telling everyone, “I’m getting married!” and blowing my penis whistle.

Below are my memories.  Enjoy.

Wedding Trivia Pictionary

food and spectators

Stuffing my dress with the best favors EVER

Ready to go out and looking a bit nakey

riding the CTA in style

my stunning sister

umm yea…

H Bomb is the best dancer in the world

busting moves, like I do

We tried to get photos with the guys that congratulated me… most of them thought it was my birthday. Weird.

pretty ladies

I love this set of sisters!

the bouncer let me hold his bad-ass flashlight

end of the night shenanigans

the party didn’t stop when we got home

welp, this is what I looked like the next morning

Now that I’ve plastered obscene and embarrassing photos of myself online, I’m gonna go punch myself in the face and pray I never need another job interview, EVER.  Just kidding, I promised I’d share everything on the blog, and I couldn’t leave this stuff out.  Hope you had a few laughs!  I know I did.

OH, and Happy Turkey Day Friends!


Miss Sword

Hen Do(s) and Don’ts

That’s right hive!  I had my very kick-ass day of fun bachelorette party this past weekend (and to be honest I’m still trying to recover)!

OH MY WORD MOH Big Eyes blew me away with an amazing day that was equal parts girly, sexy, naughty, and fun!  Not even lying, I’m pretty sure I heard the words, “this is the best bachelorette party ever and by the looks of it everyone had a total blast.

Sister Big Eyes is a teacher and came prepared with a lesson plan of sorts, and because of her easy to use Google RSVP document, everyone was able to respond “yes” or “no” to each event and stop in when they could throughout the day.  There were various activities to take part in around the city until the evening when we ended the day at my apartment with games, gifts, and treats before going out dancing.

Note her princess folder for this princess-inspired affair. So organized!

Instead of doing a lengthy recap of the day, I’m going to break it down by giving you some Hen DO’s and Hen Don’ts!! (Hen Do is the UK term for bachelorette party in case I haven’t made that clear yet.)


DO buy cute princess headbands from an Etsy shop to represent each lady of your amazing bridal party (which for me includes bridesmaids, honor attendants, a flower girl, girl cousin usher, and girl cousin who is carrying our remembrance flowers).  We forgot to get a photo of all 10 of them, but hopefully you can tell which princesses are represented in this picture below.  I was so impressed with MOH Big Eye’s creativity and I got even more excited when she said she plans for us to wear them again at the rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding related activities.  I’m seriously in love with them and think they’re a subtle yet touching way to highlight the bridal party.

BM L Dawg (Snow White), Miss Sword (Cinderella), MOH Big Eyes (Belle)


DON’T start your day with anything but pampering!  I think I’ve mentioned before how I live for manicures and pedicures, but loathe getting my hair cut?  Well, MOH Big Eyes knows this and that’s why we started the day getting our nails done.  I have to give a shout out to Juko for living up to their awesome reviews and treating us all like rock stars.

Miss Sword’s mani


DO enjoy a lovely brunch and ignore rude waiters who fail to listen to you and provide less than adequate service even though it’s your party day.


DON’T forget to stop and take LOTS OF PICTURES!


DO pretend to like the makeup that the artist puts on you at Nordstrom because she really likes it, and she really wants you to like it too.  Also ask your friend to not be offended when she tells said friend that she needs to be the Kelly to your Beyoncé because it’s your bachelorette night.  Wow.


DON’T fight with your little sister, no matter how annoying she may be.

Look at those BIG EYES!

Just kidding!  We had a perfect day together.

I highly recommend doing a pre-planned day of events for your party if you A) have a lot of friends from different groups/cities/walks of life that you want to invite, and B) if you know you have a core group that will be able to be there for everything (which I did, thank you MN girls, H Bomb, and C Fri who was there in spirit due to flight complications!).

Next up, party games, penis paraphernalia, and dancing the night away!

Did you do a day-long bachelorette extravaganza?  Anyone else celebrate in Chi-town?  What do you think of the headbands?

Finally a favor!

First off, we’re coming to the time in this wedding planning process where I might reveal things I don’t want my guests to know until the wedding.  I’m lucky to have some awesome girlfriends (and some guy friends, I’m looking at you B) who read this blog faithfully.  But that said, I want you guys to scram.  You don’t get to read this post.  I’m serious.  So serious I even spent a ridiculous amount of time making the image below.

(icon by Weddingbee, edited by Miss Sword)

Cool.  They’re gone.  Well, I doubt ALL of them are gone, but we’ll pretend they listened.

Hive, I’ve had the inspirational moment I’ve been waiting months for, I’ve decided on a favor!!  I was beginning to think inspiration would not hit, but it did and with plenty of time to spare.

Favors are not something I’ve discussed here before but they’re something I’ve given a lot of thought to.  I was determined to find the one favor that everyone will enjoy AND use again but that still fit our Highland Fairy Tale theme.  Yeeeaaa, that doesn’t exist.  It’s time to face the truth, the only acceptable favor is something edible (or consumable like Mrs. Wallaby’s tea favors, which I’m in love with btw).

No one wants cheap crap with your wedding date on it!  They just don’t.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time accepting this.

Here are the Sword favor rejects in no particular order:

Luggage tags.  It’s useful, and it’s fitting for all of our guests who are flying in from Scotland, Chicago, and the East Coast.  And it kind of matched the little airplane on our STD’s.  Remember?

But the ones in our price range looked a bit cheap, and to be honest, it doesn’t really fit the fairy tale theme.  You think I’m obsessed with the theme, but trust me when I say Mr. Sword is encouraging us to keep everything cohesive as well!

Playing cards.  While they don’t fit the theme outright we thought it would FREAKIN’ SWEET if we could somehow print the tartan on the back of each card so that everyone could take home a piece of Hislastname-Mylastname fabric.  In the end, that idea was CRAZY, expensive, and implausible.

image via Karmakiss

Sword pens.  Yea, I went there.  I’m not ashamed.  They might show up somewhere at the wedding but clearly they were not right for a guest favor.  We are hosting a wedding,  not throwing a birthday party.

All this time, I kept thinking, I’d really prefer to give our guests something they can keep forever, even though no one keeps wedding favors forever unless maybe they’re  your parents.  Yes, my denial went deep.  I considered donating money to a charity as well but I really wanted a little something to give each guest for taking the time and money to attend our wedding (as if a favor can express enough gratitude, because it most definitely can’t).

FINALLY, one Friday night while talking wedding with Mr. Sword, it hit me:  WALKERS SHORTBREAD!

Duh!!  How could I have missed it before?  OH RIGHT, I was avoiding food favors like they were the plague.

Walkers shortbread is a traditional Scottish treat that is both edible and on theme (highlighting the Highland part of things).  The best part is they can be ordered in small packages making them the perfect size for a favor!

image via Amazon

My first experience with Walkers was during a visit to Scotland when Mr. Sword and I stayed at a little B&B in Carrbridge (near Aviemore, Scotland).  We arrived to find this taste of Scotland waiting for us in our sweet little room.


Now if only they came packaged in green instead of bright red- yuck.

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Did you do an edible or consumable favor as well or have you stumbled on the perfect favor that lasts a lifetime?  Have you tried Walkers Shortbread before?

Smelling Like a Princess

What does that even mean??  Well, it means I’ve chosen my bridal scent of course!  Whoo-hoo!  But I’m keeping the final selection a secret until the wedding detail photos reveal it.  (Boo-hoo!)

I’ve never been someone who’s worn perfume daily, but I’ve always enjoyed it.  Usually going out at night or special occasions were cause enough to spritz some on.  I tend to use one bottle at a time, unlike BM L Dawg, whose collection of perfumes is enviable.  Seriously, the girl has quite the stash of perfume.

Back in the day (meaning high school) I used to wear Cool Water.  Why?  I have no clue.

Over the years I dabbled in Victoria’s Secret scents, and even had a short affair with Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue.  Most recently BM L Dawg bought me a bottle of Coach Legacy that I’ve really enjoyed.

Because I buy into all things fun and bridal, I knew I wanted something to remember forever as my wedding day signature scent, so one day when I was out shopping with my friend S we headed to Sephora to pick up some samples.  The girl insisted I take five at a time to make my decision but since I knew my friend S had her eye on one of the Chanel scents I purposely asked for sample of that so she could check it out at home before she decided whether or not to purchase it.

Then I chose four scents and happily went home with my samples.  Over the course of the next two weeks, I tried to wear them all and judge how much I liked them.  Of course, Mr.  Sword had to approve as well, because we all know he has his opinions.

Option #1: Princess by Vera Wang because really, was there even a question in your mind!?!?  It completely fits our fairy tale themed wedding and after Mrs. Beanstalk first tipped me off to this fragrance I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since.

image via Sephora

Mr. Sword approved.  Miss Sword gives it an 8.

Option #2: Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf because honestly, I was drawn to the packaging and I liked the name.

image via Sephora

Mr. Sword did NOT approve.  Miss Sword gives it a 3.  Too mature smelling for me!

Option #3: Poppy Flower by Coach because I love all things Coach and after one whiff of this I knew it was a contender.

image via Sephora

Mr. Sword approved.  Miss Sword gives it a 10.

Chanel Chance because it seems like it’d be hard to go wrong with anything as lovely and chic as Chanel.

image via Sephora

Mr. Sword doesn’t approve.  Miss Sword gives it a 2.  It didn’t stay on very long and the smell wasn’t that great.

As for Mr. Sword?  He enjoys wearing cologne just as much as I love a guy who wears cologne.  Mr. Sword has been wearing Versace Man for years now, and since we both really like it, there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be wearing it on our wedding day as well.

image via Sephora

So, what did I pick?  My top two choices being Vera Wang Princess and Coach Poppy Flower.  Did I stick to my theme or go for my favorite scent?  Do you have a preference between those two?  What are you wearing or did you wear on your Big Day?

I’m so honored… to share this update and talk about my wedding colors

First off, thanks for all the advice and comments.  When I wrote about my awesome honor attendants here, you were all very helpful as usual!  The general consensus was to avoid asking H Bomb and C Fri to order anything specific and that maybe eggplant and chocolate brown wouldn’t look so good together.  Insert Miss Sword’s sad face here.

(Please note, this photo was not taken recently, but a few years ago when a very over-tired and over-emotional Miss Sword was traveling from the UK back to America.)

But I didn’t stay sad for long!!  I rallied and talked to my girls and came up with a totally new plan!

And real quick, it’s worth noting that all of the men will be wearing different kilts.  Instead of mismatched girls, I’ll have mismatched guys, and I guess that’s why I’m leaning so heavily towards having the bridesmaids and honor attendants be as uniform as possible.

I’ve known all along the honor attendants should be in a dark color, I just had chosen the wrong dark color.  Why hadn’t it hit me before?  The honor attendants should wear black!

Yes, black.  At a wedding.

Here’s why:  All of the groomsman will be wearing kilts with black jackets, bow-ties, and shoes.  The ushers will be black suits and dress.  Plus, everyone can re-wear a LBD, right?  Plus, I think black, eggplant, and ivory will look wonderful together!

I remember awhile ago someone commented on a post of mine saying they were curious to see how brown and black would mix together at my wedding.  Umm, SO AM I!!  Haha!

I finally made a color board of our wedding colors, thanks to the guidance of Mrs. Wizard and the newly married Mrs. Wallaby.  I’m pretty terrible at this sort of thing, and it took me longer to make than I’m willing to admit, so please be kind.  As I look at all the colors together, I’m worried they don’t look as good as they did when they were still in my head.  Does anyone else feel this way about their colors?

colors via Design Seeds/ edited by Miss Sword

Tell me, does this scream dark, dramatic, elegant, and romantic to you?  Does it make you think of running through the Highlands in Scotland?  Does it remind you of your favorite fairy tale?  Are you turning your head wistfully right now yearning for your love?

Yea, whatever.  CLEARLY, you all lack imagination.  🙂

For the sake of my sanity, let’s recap each color choice and it’s appearances at the wedding.

Black: parts of the groom and groomsmen’s attire, ushers attire, honor attendant attire, frames and signage/decor

Ivory: bride’s dress, flower girl dress, some flowers, some decor, tablecloths

Forest Green: ivy in the centerpieces, parts of the bouquets, the plants in the atrium space, leprauchauns, some of the groomsmen’s kilts

Chocolate brown (kinda wishing I started calling this is espresso from the beginning): napkins, most of the centerpieces, the wooden castle (oops haven’t mentioned that yet!), one handfasting cord

Eggplant: bridesmaid attire, flowers, lighting, and one handfasting cord

There is one item that includes ALL of these colors, and it’s the kilt of course!

Sword family tartan/ image created at Scotweb

At the wedding, I encourage all of our guests to find a piece of the tartan fabric and stare at it closely, very closely, to see all of my wedding colors blending nicely together, because who the hell knows how the rest of the room is going to look!

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

I know Miss Panda shared her fears that her wedding day won’t be as magical or as put together as she hopes.  Do you wonder how your wedding will look when everything’s all said and done?

What do you think of my honor attendants wearing black?

Freaking out about teeth

I am having some anxiety about my teeth and Mr. Sword’s teeth, but since I’m also able to laugh at myself and my diluted first world problems, I decided to share this with everyone.  Make sure you locate your own sense of humor before reading on, it’s quite pathetic.

Dilemma One: How do I get Mr. Sword to agree to whiten his teeth?!!?  I’m planning on doing some form of whitening myself because I’m a bit sensitive about my side fangs that appear quite yellow in photos, and because I could use an overall brighter set of pearly whites for the Big Day.  Since getting engaged I’ve been talking to Mr. Sword about getting his teeth whitened as well but he wants no part in it.

You know the joke about people from the UK not having good teeth?

image via Gotcha Movies

I’m lucky my Scottish man has really good teeth, but I’m still nervous that they will look a lot more yellow when photographed next to mine if he chooses not to whiten.

Now, I know what you’re going to say.  Don’t force the man to whiten his teeth!  It’s fine.  Why are you worrying about something so stupid?  And to that I say, fair enough, but maybe I shouldn’t whiten mine either?  Why do I feel like it has to be both of us or neither of us?

Dilemma Two: When do I schedule my final pre-wedding dental appointment?  As someone who loves candy and sweets as much as I do, and who’s convinced she has genetically bad (soft) teeth (read cavities her whole life), I know the importance of going to the dentist the recommended twice a year.  A few years ago, I finally found a dentist I just love and since then have had great luck in keeping my teeth cavity free!

Well my appointment is coming up at the end of November, and after realizing that I was unable to make it and going to have to switch to another day, I called my dentist’s office only to hear from their receptionist that they are slammed at the end of the year and have no openings left.  She found an appointment for me in January and I convinced myself that it was a good thing to wait until closer to the wedding.  Perfect.  A fresh cleaning a month or so before the Big Day.  I do want my teeth to be their freshest and cleanest!

BUT THEN, the receptionist found an opening on Nov. 29th and I was able to go back to my original timeline.  That’s when the anxiety hit.

I wasn’t sure what would be best… should I wait until closer to the wedding so my teeth look their very best or should I keep my 6 month checkup in case something is wrong and I need to get it taken care of ahead of time?  Gah, why must I have both options?

More importantly, WHY, in my decision-making panic, did I utter the words, “I don’t know what to do, I’m freaking out!” to the very sweet receptionist on the phone!?!?!?!?  (She was surprisingly sympathetic too, seriously I love my dental office.)

Clearly this was a case of bridal brain.

Perhaps I should spend more time pondering when we’re going to assemble, stamp, and print addresses on our invitations or focus on the fact that I have no wedding shoes or jewelry, but instead I’m worried about my next dental appointment.  Awesome.

Please tell me you’ve worried about something strange a few months before your wedding?  Also, did anyone convince their partner to whiten before the wedding?  I know I should pick my battles but COME ON, what if I want to “pick” this one?

I’m So Honored

Miss Sword’s “Learn from my mistake” Wedding Tip: Do not use the term “personal attendants” when referring to other awesome friends that you want to include in your bridal party.  People will think “personal attendant” is a synonym for “do whatever I say bitch” and you will be grossly misunderstood.

Instead call them “Honor Attendants” and all will be well with the world.

(Mom Sword even had a personal attendant in her wedding back in ’79, but I guess times have changed!)

For a refresher, my bridal party consists of MOH Big Eyes (my beloved and also engaged Sister), my BFF L Dawg (who’s so tight with my family that she’s even traveled with all us), Cousin Jo (whom I’ve watched grow up and turn into an amazing young woman), and Mr. Sword’s Wee Sis (aka my future-sister-in-law and therefore stuck with me for life-hehe).  My bridal party is filled with those I call family.  And it’s four people on purpose.  I didn’t want a huge bridal party.

That said, I have some amazing friends and if I could recognize everyone I would, but it’s just not possible!

In the end, I felt strongly that two particular girlfriends (besties for life) needed to be a part of bridal party but not necessarily walk down the aisle, and that’s how I found myself with honor attendants.

Meet honor attendant H Bomb.

Meet honor attendant C Fri.

I met both of these ladies in college and in completely different places, H Bomb in church and C Fri on a bus my first week on campus, and ironically they both live in NYC now.  Lucky for me, both of these girls are smartie farties and insanely reliable.  So not only do they have to look good in pictures, but they will have a wee bit of responsibility as well.

I came up with fun words like “Regulator” and “Liaison” for them but really I’d just be happy if they handle my cell phone for the day, check in with the boys once in a while, and maybe help us keep the family corralled for some pre-ceremony portraits.

Raise your hand if you think I should get them these?

image via Amazon

Umm, YES PLEASE.  If anything, I have to buy them just for the cute photo opps!

The question then becomes what do the honor attendants wear?

To jog your memory or if you’re just tuning into the Sword saga, the bridesmaids will be in long, chiffon dresses.

Style is called Olivia, image via the Wedding Shoppe, Inc

Only they’ll be wearing the above dresses in the gorgeous purple color known as eggplant.  Remember how I had to wait until the kilt arrived to make the final color decision?  So picture the above length mixed with the below color (similar style is on the left).  Unfortunately the website doesn’t off a “switch color” option for each dress.

Style is called Sydney, image via the Wedding Shoppe, Inc

My initial idea is to ask H Bomb and C Fri to wear chocolate brown because I love neutral tones and it’s conveniently one of our other wedding colors.  I’m also thinking they should wear cocktail length dresses, but I’m curious to how that will look next to the long dresses?  Thoughts?

Here is my inspiration for the honor attendants dresses thus far:

image via Alfred Angelo

image via The Dessy Group

As of now I’ve told the girls to buy/order whatever dress they feel comfortable in and would be willing to wear again, but inspiration is hitting me as I write this… what if they wore the same Kennedy Blue style dress as the bridesmaids but in the short version and brown color?  Sometimes having a bit of direction can make it easier to shop.

(photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Basically I need your help Hive!  AGAIN.  What are your suggestions?  Does it matter that the dresses will be different lengths for the bridal party photos?  While there’s tons of inspiration photos showing MISMATCHED bridesmaid dresses, there seems to be barely any inspiration of MIXED STYLE bridal parties.  I think having bridesmaids and honor attendants in different dresses will make for some beautiful and unique shots!

What do you think of chocolate brown (often called espresso in the wedding world) and eggplant together?  Are you having honor attendants or something similar?  Did you make the mistake of calling someone your bitch, I mean personal attendant, like I did?!?!