No, I don’t know that song.

And no, I don’t know that song either.

This is how I respond when people quote song lyrics at me or do that whole, “DUDE, YOU KNOW WHAT SONG THIS TOTALLY REMINDS ME OF?”  No, actually, I have no idea.

I’m going to say something that is going to shock a lot of people, and it’s almost 97% true: If it’s not a song played on the radio, I won’t know it.  (GASP)

Basically, I know today’s hit music, oldies, some soft rock, and a bit of rap.  That’s it.  It’s a small amount of the world’s music compared to what’s out there, BUT I would argue that it’s what people want to dance to when they’re at a wedding.

PSY, Ke$ha, Adele, and Nicki Minaj make you wannna get up and move!  And that’s what we want people to do at our wedding.  Young, old, lame, cool, funny, awkward, grumpy, happy, sleepy, and Doc.  EVERYONE is welcome and should be dancing!

Especially since we are starting off the evening with the Ceilidh band and dancing to music like this:

Now, my family and friends and I are all SUPER excited to learn how to dance a Ceilidh, but my guess is after some fancy do-si-do’ing and many repetitive movements, people are going to be ready to go a little crazy! Luckily, pop music provides the perfect way for us to unwind and bump and grind.

I’ve fooled my nanny kiddos into thinking I’m very musically adept, because Big C is convinced I know every song on earth (just because I can sing along to every song played on the radio). I realize this makes me sound super lame, but I’m pretty sure the radio was made for people like me.  Here is awesome music that everyone likes, and we think you will too!  Rock on Lemming!

Sword Guests, this is your warning, there will be awesome music at our wedding, but a good portion of it will come from the radio!  Plus a little country for Mom Sword, and some oldies for those in our lives who’ve been around a wee bit longer.

Now for some wedding tidbits:

My Dad and I will dance first, and I’m hoping to have the DJ say something like, “The bride chose to have her first dance be with the first man who held her heart.”  Or is that too cheesy?  Dad Sword and I will dance to Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.  Dad Sword is a huge Beatles fan (I am too) so I was thrilled to be able to incorporate that into the wedding day.  Plus, it’s the perfect not-so-sappy Father/Daughter song.

Mr. Sword and his Mum will dance to You Are the Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder, because it’s the first song that came to FMIL’s mind, and since she used to call Mr. Sword her Sunshine, it fits perfectly!  And again, it’s a great choice in my opinion because it’s sweet but not obnoxiously so.

Finally, in a little twist, since Mr. Sword and I are blessed to have both sets of parents happily married (!), we will be inviting the other parent up to dance with the unoccupied person.

Basically while I’m dancing with Dad Sword, Mr. Sword will ask Mom Sword to join him on the floor about half way through the song, and then while Mr. Sword dances with his Mum, I will ask his Dad to join me on the dance floor.  This is also nice because it’s less time spent staring at one couple, and more spreading of the love.

As for our first dance as husband and wife, you’ll have to wait until the recaps for that top-secret information!  🙂

I do have a question though, has anyone done an anniversary dance and if so, what song did you choose?  Since we’re nixing the bouquet/garter tosses, I wanted to find a way to give my bouquet to the couple at our wedding that’s been married the longest.  Usually the DJ asks everyone that’s married to come out on the floor, and then says, “If you’ve been married less than a day, please sit down.”  It goes from less than a month, to a year, to five, etc until there’s one couple left dancing.  If all goes as planned I already know who this couple will be at our wedding and since they are family I can’t wait to give them the bouquet!  But what song should we choose?

Anyone else going Gangnam style at their wedding?  Who loves the radio?  No one, OK.  Cool.  🙂


2 thoughts on “No, I don’t know that song.

  1. Can I steal your father/daughter song? My Dad and I don’t have a normal relationship because my parents divorced when I was in 3rd grade and he’s more a friend that I get together with than a father. I think it’s perfect and he loves the Beatles too 🙂

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