I’m So Honored

Miss Sword’s “Learn from my mistake” Wedding Tip: Do not use the term “personal attendants” when referring to other awesome friends that you want to include in your bridal party.  People will think “personal attendant” is a synonym for “do whatever I say bitch” and you will be grossly misunderstood.

Instead call them “Honor Attendants” and all will be well with the world.

(Mom Sword even had a personal attendant in her wedding back in ’79, but I guess times have changed!)

For a refresher, my bridal party consists of MOH Big Eyes (my beloved and also engaged Sister), my BFF L Dawg (who’s so tight with my family that she’s even traveled with all us), Cousin Jo (whom I’ve watched grow up and turn into an amazing young woman), and Mr. Sword’s Wee Sis (aka my future-sister-in-law and therefore stuck with me for life-hehe).  My bridal party is filled with those I call family.  And it’s four people on purpose.  I didn’t want a huge bridal party.

That said, I have some amazing friends and if I could recognize everyone I would, but it’s just not possible!

In the end, I felt strongly that two particular girlfriends (besties for life) needed to be a part of bridal party but not necessarily walk down the aisle, and that’s how I found myself with honor attendants.

Meet honor attendant H Bomb.

Meet honor attendant C Fri.

I met both of these ladies in college and in completely different places, H Bomb in church and C Fri on a bus my first week on campus, and ironically they both live in NYC now.  Lucky for me, both of these girls are smartie farties and insanely reliable.  So not only do they have to look good in pictures, but they will have a wee bit of responsibility as well.

I came up with fun words like “Regulator” and “Liaison” for them but really I’d just be happy if they handle my cell phone for the day, check in with the boys once in a while, and maybe help us keep the family corralled for some pre-ceremony portraits.

Raise your hand if you think I should get them these?

image via Amazon

Umm, YES PLEASE.  If anything, I have to buy them just for the cute photo opps!

The question then becomes what do the honor attendants wear?

To jog your memory or if you’re just tuning into the Sword saga, the bridesmaids will be in long, chiffon dresses.

Style is called Olivia, image via the Wedding Shoppe, Inc

Only they’ll be wearing the above dresses in the gorgeous purple color known as eggplant.  Remember how I had to wait until the kilt arrived to make the final color decision?  So picture the above length mixed with the below color (similar style is on the left).  Unfortunately the website doesn’t off a “switch color” option for each dress.

Style is called Sydney, image via the Wedding Shoppe, Inc

My initial idea is to ask H Bomb and C Fri to wear chocolate brown because I love neutral tones and it’s conveniently one of our other wedding colors.  I’m also thinking they should wear cocktail length dresses, but I’m curious to how that will look next to the long dresses?  Thoughts?

Here is my inspiration for the honor attendants dresses thus far:

image via Alfred Angelo

image via The Dessy Group

As of now I’ve told the girls to buy/order whatever dress they feel comfortable in and would be willing to wear again, but inspiration is hitting me as I write this… what if they wore the same Kennedy Blue style dress as the bridesmaids but in the short version and brown color?  Sometimes having a bit of direction can make it easier to shop.

(photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Basically I need your help Hive!  AGAIN.  What are your suggestions?  Does it matter that the dresses will be different lengths for the bridal party photos?  While there’s tons of inspiration photos showing MISMATCHED bridesmaid dresses, there seems to be barely any inspiration of MIXED STYLE bridal parties.  I think having bridesmaids and honor attendants in different dresses will make for some beautiful and unique shots!

What do you think of chocolate brown (often called espresso in the wedding world) and eggplant together?  Are you having honor attendants or something similar?  Did you make the mistake of calling someone your bitch, I mean personal attendant, like I did?!?!


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