Freaking out about teeth

I am having some anxiety about my teeth and Mr. Sword’s teeth, but since I’m also able to laugh at myself and my diluted first world problems, I decided to share this with everyone.  Make sure you locate your own sense of humor before reading on, it’s quite pathetic.

Dilemma One: How do I get Mr. Sword to agree to whiten his teeth?!!?  I’m planning on doing some form of whitening myself because I’m a bit sensitive about my side fangs that appear quite yellow in photos, and because I could use an overall brighter set of pearly whites for the Big Day.  Since getting engaged I’ve been talking to Mr. Sword about getting his teeth whitened as well but he wants no part in it.

You know the joke about people from the UK not having good teeth?

image via Gotcha Movies

I’m lucky my Scottish man has really good teeth, but I’m still nervous that they will look a lot more yellow when photographed next to mine if he chooses not to whiten.

Now, I know what you’re going to say.  Don’t force the man to whiten his teeth!  It’s fine.  Why are you worrying about something so stupid?  And to that I say, fair enough, but maybe I shouldn’t whiten mine either?  Why do I feel like it has to be both of us or neither of us?

Dilemma Two: When do I schedule my final pre-wedding dental appointment?  As someone who loves candy and sweets as much as I do, and who’s convinced she has genetically bad (soft) teeth (read cavities her whole life), I know the importance of going to the dentist the recommended twice a year.  A few years ago, I finally found a dentist I just love and since then have had great luck in keeping my teeth cavity free!

Well my appointment is coming up at the end of November, and after realizing that I was unable to make it and going to have to switch to another day, I called my dentist’s office only to hear from their receptionist that they are slammed at the end of the year and have no openings left.  She found an appointment for me in January and I convinced myself that it was a good thing to wait until closer to the wedding.  Perfect.  A fresh cleaning a month or so before the Big Day.  I do want my teeth to be their freshest and cleanest!

BUT THEN, the receptionist found an opening on Nov. 29th and I was able to go back to my original timeline.  That’s when the anxiety hit.

I wasn’t sure what would be best… should I wait until closer to the wedding so my teeth look their very best or should I keep my 6 month checkup in case something is wrong and I need to get it taken care of ahead of time?  Gah, why must I have both options?

More importantly, WHY, in my decision-making panic, did I utter the words, “I don’t know what to do, I’m freaking out!” to the very sweet receptionist on the phone!?!?!?!?  (She was surprisingly sympathetic too, seriously I love my dental office.)

Clearly this was a case of bridal brain.

Perhaps I should spend more time pondering when we’re going to assemble, stamp, and print addresses on our invitations or focus on the fact that I have no wedding shoes or jewelry, but instead I’m worried about my next dental appointment.  Awesome.

Please tell me you’ve worried about something strange a few months before your wedding?  Also, did anyone convince their partner to whiten before the wedding?  I know I should pick my battles but COME ON, what if I want to “pick” this one?


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