Shoe Me

Why am I such a shoe shopping failure?

(That’s all I got for an intro.  Witty I know.)

Here are some shoes I’ll never buy, but liked enough to save and share with you lovely people.

Satin stiletto heel with crystal/ image via Light in the Box

rsvp Shelley/ image via Zappos

Kate Spade New York Clarice/ image via Zappos

Your daily dose of shoe porn, you’re welcome.

But wait, that’s not all!  I’ve come to a conclusion that feels good in a scary, nauseous sort of way.

Hive, I have decided to order custom-designed shoes from a shop on Etsy.

Why you ask?  Because I haven’t found anything I like and I’m running out of time!  You might remember my desire for Cinderella glass slipper type shoes, but nothing I found seemed to fit that style.  Making things more difficult was the fact that I had a set inspiration in mind, but no idea of how I wanted the shoes to look, in the details and such.  It doesn’t help things when you don’t have a clear vision in your head!

So when I found an Etsy shop and lets you customize your bridal shoes, I jumped on it.  I’m still in communication with the owner and in the process of deciding which shoe base to start with, but  I’m kind of excited about the surprise of it all and the fact that no one will have the exact same pair of wedding heels.

On the other hand, I’m scared that the shoes won’t fit or that they’ll be super painful or worse yet, that I won’t like them!  As someone who rarely buys clothing or shoes online (because I’m the girl who tries on and touches everything she purchases), I’m a bit nervous to take this plunge.  But in the end,  I’m just gonna trust that it’ll work out and I’ll be rocking some fabulous shoes on my wedding day!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to tell my family friend seamstress that I won’t have my shoes for my first fitting.  I don’t think she’ll mind but I know if I were getting Evie altered at a bridal store I wouldn’t have the luxury of asking them to be flexible about my lack of shoes.  Yay for friendors!

And of course I’ll keep you guys posted every step of the way!  Let’s hope the benefits out-weight the risks.   🙂

Would you or have you ordered shoes from Etsy?  Do you have any suggestions on how I can make my shoes look Cinderella-inspired?  And finally, what do you think of the first pair of heels I posted… ugly or HOT (it’s one of those shoes that has no middle ground)?


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