Guestbook Switcharoo

Remember how I said we were going to use wishing stones for our guestbook?  Weeellll, things have changed since that was posted.  And that idea has been replaced with an even better idea!

Before I reveal anymore, Sword guests, you know the drill!

(icon by Weddingbee, edited by Miss Sword)

While signing wishing stones in lieu of a book was a nod to his Celtic heritage and a sweet, whimsical idea, Mr. Sword did not think it was fair to ask everyone to sign a tiny rock.  I didn’t think it was fair that they can charge so much for a tiny rock!  Seriously, rocks are pricey!

So we brainstormed and Mr. Sword came up with a new guestbook concept that totally fits our theme.  The idea is to have our guests sign a storybook made up of funny and cute photos of Mr. Sword and I!  Similar to an engagement photo book, where guests sign their name and write their well wishes, but different because they can also add in funny captions to each photo!

We’ll probably end up putting a sign near the storybook saying something to the effect of “Mr. and Mrs. Sword went on some adventures in Chicago but they can’t seem to remember what happened blah blah blah” (still needs to be edited).  We’ll also explain that we ENCOURAGE guests to write word bubbles, witty captions, and obnoxious comments.  I’m sure we’ll be the brunt of some jokes so it’s lucky we both have pretty thick skin!

I’m so curious to see how it works out and I hope people keep it dirty clean.

Since I’m too excited to keep it all a secret, here are a few sneak peek photos that may or may not end up in the final storybook!

The dress I’m wearing in the pic above is my high school prom dress.  Whaaa?

Don’t be scared if it doesn’t make sense.  I have no idea what’s going on either!

I can’t wait to show you all the finished product!

(all photos personal and taken by friend P)

Did you swap your guestbook idea for something else like we did?  Do you think our guests will get into our storybook captions?


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