Black Friday Wedding Day Jewelry

I am so happy to report that I have found my bridal earrings and THREE options for bridal bracelets!  And you’re not gonna believe the deal I got on them!

To back track a bit, Mr. Sword and I spent the entire Thanksgiving holiday weekend alone, just the two of us, making a turkey and a few side dishes, assembling and addressing our wedding invites, decorating our apartment for Christmas, and basically just relaxing together (before he had to leave again for workshops in England-boo!!).  It was the perfect long weekend that also included the terror that is Black Friday Shopping.

Yes, I know, excessive consumerism =  bad, and Black Friday can be a waste of time, and a bit crazy.  But guess what?  I actually enjoy shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been doing it with the women in my family since I was little and it gives me sweet memories of all us out shopping in Fargo, ND.  Sigh.  Or maybe it’s the awesome deals?  Because deals = good.  And I love buying anything 50-60 percent off! Or more!

Since I couldn’t find another more shopping-inclined friend to go with me on Black Friday, the always awesome and easy-going Mr. Sword accompanied me instead.  And he gets a shout-out for being the BEST GUY EVER and keeping up with me all day.  He says it gets a bit boring at times, but he was really helpful in spite of that and since we both got new winter coats this year, originally 300 dollars and we both got ours for around 100, I know it wasn’t the worst experience of his life.

Now to the good stuff: I purchased two pairs of earrings (because they were so cheap and they say it’s good to have back-up) for 8 dollars a piece!  Regularly 20 dollars.  Seriously 8 dollars for my wedding day earrings!  I couldn’t believe it!  I actually first saw this style of earring a while back on a pair of clip ons and promptly fell in love.  Since then, I’ve searched for them as regular earrings in every department store I pass.  Who would have thought the first stop on our Black Friday morning was where we’d find them?

Jewelry- Wedding 005

Jewelry- Wedding 001

I also found three bracelets at three separate stores that range in price from 7 dollars to a whopping 13.40.  I mean, COME ON.  I might keep all of them!  Again, back-ups (and options) are key.  I like each one for different reasons!

Jewelry- Wedding 007

Jewelry- Wedding 009

Finally, I’m still undecided on whether or not I need a necklace.  Because now I have a tiara, sparkly earrings, and a bracelet, do I really need a 4th piece?  I don’t want to be excessively bling-y or sparkle-y…right?

Jewelry- Wedding 010

(all photos personal)

What do you all think?  Any preference on the bracelets?  I’m going to try everything with my dress at my first fitting in a few weeks.



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