Something Borrowed… From a Bee!

Hive, I have been kicking ass and taking names on finishing off the details of my bridal look.  In the course of 8 days I bought my wedding jewelry, ordered my shoes on Etsy, purchased a new corset bra for under my dress, my hair extensions were purchased, AND I received my something borrowed veil in the mail.

Who’s veil am I going to be wearing?  I’ll give you a hint.  Not only is she a fellow fairy tale/magic generation bee but she’s also a fellow weapons related icon.  🙂  Why, yes, the lovely and gorgeous Mrs. Archer of course!

The veil I’m borrowing is her fingertip length diamond white beauty and I’m so honored to be able to wear something on my wedding day that will remind me of this wonderful community.

Since I’m huge tease and haven’t revealed my dress yet, here is a few photos of me wearing the veil with my tiara.  Let’s ignore the fact that I have no clue how to put on a veil, let alone a veil WITH a tiara.   (Seriously I had no idea what I was doing.)

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 023

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 031

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 027

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 041

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 030

I just love the fullness of it and I’m dying to see how it looks with my gown.  How does one keep a tiara and a veil securely attached to their head without an up do?  Good thing I’ve got Laura!

(all photos personal)

What do you think of the veil with the tiara?  Would you borrow someone else’s veil?


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