Once Upon a Time: Sword Invites Revealed!

It’s about that time folks.  The invites have made it across the pond and the online RSVP’s are coming in (more on that awesomeness later)!

Of course we HAD to go with a fairy tale themed invitation.  And of course we paid to get them done.  Although I will say there was this box set at Michael’s that kind of mirrored the design on our cake but once again I was reminded by Mom Sword that I would not enjoy destroying making them myself.  You would think she is made of money (or thinks we are) but no, she’s just being realistic.

After sending our Save the Dates with that dreaded typo in Mr. Sword’s last name I had a bad taste in my mouth about Wedding Paper Divas, so we went to Minted.Com and ordered their Once Upon a Time invitations with a dark purple font and they turned out absolutely beautiful!  We’ve received nothing but compliments, and since our guests are really cool people they seem to appreciate the uniqueness of our invites as well!

Ready for photographic proof?

The front:

front side edited

The back: All text on this side was written by yours truly.  Feel free to steal.

back side edited

And the final product all ready to be sent out!

Storybook Photos and invitation reveal 350

Storybook Photos and invitation reveal 353

I have to say I’m thrilled with our experience at Minted!  We spent an initial 9 dollars on a sample invitation but it was worth it to feel the card stock and to see the font and design in person.  Plus the 9 dollars was taken off our total once we placed an order.  For about 450 dollars (discount coupon included) we got 100 invitations, 100 Thank You cards in a matching design, and skinny wraps with our address on them (more on those later).  For another 50 dollars we bought Moo cards to invite all of our out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner.

While it doesn’t work for bigger items like catering and photography, 500 seems to be the Sword’s magic wedding number.  We spent 500 dollars to rent the atrium space for our ceremony, I gave my florist a budget of 500 dollars for flowers, and our invitations/thank you cards are around 500 bucks too!

Of course making DIY invites would have been a lot cheaper, but adding letterpress or calligraphy would have made them more expensive.  I think we spent just the right amount on invitations for us.  Of course I have some tips.

Miss Sword’s ways to save money while still ordering your invitations online:

1. Utilize the front AND the back of the invitation.  Who says your guests can’t flip a piece of paper over?  It gives you extra space and saves on those pesky information cards.  Although I did simulate opening our invitations to practice turning it over as our guests would have to do.  This is my why is there no reply card face?

Storybook Photos and invitation reveal 333

2. Two words: Online RSVP.  Saves on extra paper, stamps, labels, time, energy, life, trees, grass, you get the idea.  Nothing against the beauty and style of replying by mail for a formal event, but it’s a new era.  Let’s update those etiquette books!  Online RSVP ‘ing is where it’s at.

3. Order Moo cards for anything and everything you’d like to be on a separate piece of paper.

UP NEXT… I explain what additions we made to the invitations and how we did them!

(all photos personal and edited by Miss Sword for privacy)

What do you think of our themed wedding invites?  Did you set a budget higher or lower than ours?  What aspects were most important to you?


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time: Sword Invites Revealed!

  1. Hi Miss Sword. My name is Julie and I work in Social Media for Wedding Paper Divas. I wanted to reach out to you and see if there is anything we can do to help with your order. I realize that you have chosen another company for your Save the Dates (they are beautiful) but we would like to correct any mistakes and frustration we may have caused. Please email me directly jvazquez@shutterfly.com if you’d like to discuss this further.

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