Once Upon a Time: Princes and Presidents

I have one more post regarding our invites but if you’re just tuning in you can see our fairy tale design here and all the little extra things here.

Initially, I wasn’t going to spend the time printing invitations to invite my favorite VIP’s to the wedding but then I thought how cool is it I’m getting married while Barack Obama is president!?!?  It makes my liberal heart happy.

And similarly how awesome is it that my life sort of mirrors Princess Kate’s life?

image via Wikipedia

image via Wikipedia

What, you don’t see it?

Hello!  We both are going to be married to men from the UK with thinning hair!!  (Note: Mr. Sword approves this comment about his hair.  The best kind of people are ones who can laugh at themselves, and Mr. Sword is the best kind of people.)  Back to how I’m similar to Kate… we’re both super down-to-earth (well mostly just her), we’re about the same age (29 and 30)… AND did you know William and Kate went to uni at St. Andrews which is in Scotland, which happens to be the country where Mr. Sword is from??  OK, so I’m being silly and grasping at straws…

But we DID dress up as the happy royal couple two years ago at Halloween.  (This is also proof I look better as a blonde.)

Mr. Sword thought this was a terrible costume idea.  He doesn't share my love of the royal family.

Mr. Sword thought this was a terrible costume idea. He doesn’t share my love of the royal family.

Once I started thinking about inviting my favorite royal couple, and the President and First Lady Michelle, I knew I couldn’t leave out Cinderella and Prince Charming! I am Cinderella myself after all!  (Remember the princess headbands MOH Big Eyes bought us all?)

Hen Do!!!! 025

Classic Miss Sword pose strikes again!

In case you have any such similar obsessions, here are their addresses.  It was extremely difficult to find one for Prince William and Princess Kate.  Forgive me if it’s wrong!  I know a lot of Bees have received congratulations from VIP’s and I’m hoping we are just as lucky, although in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal, but if you have the extra invitations, why not?  🙂

Holiday painting with Kiddos '12 045

Also, for those interested, the font for our addresses was free and it’s called MKBritishWriting.  You can find it here.  I picked it after about 30 minutes of browsing and was going to keep the same font from our Save the Dates until Mom Sword said those addresses were too difficult to read and they made our letters look like spam. FAIL.

We also used the free wedding Forever stamps for our US invitations because they fit within the weight of a standard letter.  Two things I didn’t spend much time or energy on was fonts and stamps.  We kept those things simple with minimal effort.

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Are you inviting VIP’s to your wedding?  Also, in somewhat related news, Kate Middleton is pregnant, yay!!  Who wishes they were pregnant at the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge?  Ask around, baby envy of the royal couple is a real thing!


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