No One Knows What an “Escort Card” Is

Am I right people?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned (around people who are married) that we aren’t sure how to display our escort cards and I’m given a blank stare in return until I say, “You know, the little cards that have your table number/name on it that tell you where to sit?”  “Ohhhhh.”

Sometimes escort cards are easily confused with place cards, the difference being escort cards tell you which table to go to, and place cards tell you what seat to sit in at said table.  We aren’t using place cards, but we ARE using escort cards.  This post is now so boring I might punch myself in the face.  Never thought I’d be writing about escort cards.  Alas, here I am, with an “escort card dilemma.”  (Wow.  Pathetic.)

I’m so in love with many of the beautiful options prominent on Pinterest these days, but they always seem to fit better with rustic, vintage, or outdoorsy weddings, not elegant, hotel, Scottish-inspired weddings.

In keeping with my flair for drama, we are doing a bit of a display with our escort cards.  The idea first came about when Mom Sword and Sister Big Eyes found this castle at Michael’s.

Christmas 2012Wedding 281

Isn’t it cute?  Inside it appears to be an adorable yet functional dollhouse.  I can see us hanging onto this castle post-wedding for future Small Swords to enjoy.  🙂

Christmas 2012Wedding 278

Once we figured out that it could NOT be used for a card box (note the small drawbridge opening below), I decided it could be the focal point of the first table our guests will see before entering our reception room.

Christmas 2012Wedding 280

We are having a dear friend of the family paint the castle for us to make it look more realistic and less juvenile.  I’m so thankful to know someone with such awesome skills!

The question I have for everyone is this, how do we display over 100 escort cards around this bad boy?  The initial plan was to use some sort of grass or moss mat underneath the castle and place the cards on top in rows.

image via JoAnn's

image via JoAnn’s

But I also love how the-appropriately-named-for-this-post-anyway Mrs. Castle displayed her escort cards… what if we do that but with green paper?

image via Mrs. Castle/Weddingbee

image via Mrs. Castle on Weddingbee

And now I’m just confused!

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

So I need some advice from those craftier than myself (read: everyone).  My Sister can only do so much (hehe)!!!  How can we display our escort cards in an efficient and castle-like manor manner?  Any ideas would be much appreciated!


2 thoughts on “No One Knows What an “Escort Card” Is

  1. Hey Miss Sword –

    I would actually have the castle open (like it is in the 2nd photo you posted) and place cards in each of the rooms, on each of the stairs, etc.That’s actually what I first envisioned when you mentioned you were using it as a display – lots more room, plus it just looks cool/dynamic. If they’re arranged alphabetically it shouldn’t be hard to navigate . Of course, that only works out if you have that much room available for the castle to be open.

    What a fun find!

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