I Picked a Perfume and Whitening Your Teeth Sucks

Crucial (and by that I mean relatively unimportant) wedding updates below!

1. I picked a wedding day perfume!

To Catch Up: Read This Post.

I had narrowed it down between Vera Wang’s Princess and Coach’s Poppy Flower and wasn’t going to reveal my final choice until after the Big Day.  Well, screw that, things change, and now I have something to reveal.

The Princess perfume was in a beautiful bottle and aptly named but Mr. Sword and I weren’t too sold on the actual scent.  I was really leaning toward Poppy Flower when BM L Dawg told me it was an “everyday” perfume and not a wedding perfume. Whaa??

In the first post I talked about much perfume BM L Dawg has so I wasn’t at all surprised she had an opinion.  And I took her opinion to heart because she is a perfume snob much in the same way I am a nail salon snob and I love her for it.  🙂

Back to the drawing board it was!  After much procrastinating and one final visit to Sephora I’ve made a decision and I’m really excited to share it now!

image via Sephora

image via Sephora

Marchesa.  The bottle alone was enough to make me fall in love (I think it’ll photograph wonderfully with my jewelry), but the scent is elegant, sophisticated, romantic, and fancy.  Perfect for a wedding day perfume.  I splurged on the larger size bottle for 85.00 dollars but I had a 50 dollar gift card for Sephora so it wasn’t too bad and it’ll last me forever.  I can see myself wearing this most date nights and evenings out.  And Mr. Sword approves too!  I’m so glad I decided to search a bit longer before making a decision!

2. Whitening your teeth sucks!  It literally hurts.

To Catch Up: Read This Post.

I cannot believe how much I dislike the process of teeth whitening.  I ended up buying a set of 10 strips from my dentist who can offer something with a bit more potency than your local store.

GIFTS- wedding 069

I’ve used 9 out the 10 so far but I haven’t been wearing them consecutive nights in a row, which may be the reason I’m not seeing good enough results.  I feel like most of my teeth are getting whiter but I also feel like my yellowed side fangs (and the main reason I’m doing this!) look pretty much the same.  Super annoying.

Plus, it’s incredibly uncomfortable.  My gums and tongue must be extra sensitive because if the whitening goop gets in certain places it’s stings and burns really badly!

Once the 20 minutes are up you’re supposed to brush your teeth.  Again, my mouth feels like it’s on fire!  I shouldn’t be surprised, I have the most bland palette ever and can’t stand eating spicy foods.  Even some mouthwashes are too much for me to handle.

This is the price I pay… that and the 60 dollars I spent on the strips.

Mr. Sword still has zero interest in whitening but he’s using the whitening toothpaste I bought him!  Thank you to those of you who suggested in that in the comments last time!

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted)

Has anyone smelled Marchesa?  Does it look like a good wedding perfume?

Am I doing this whitening thing wrong?  Should I keep going in attempt to whiten my side teeth by March or just let it go and let my photog edit away!  Any tips out there?


2 thoughts on “I Picked a Perfume and Whitening Your Teeth Sucks

  1. Girl, I totally know how you feel about teeth whitening! I have very sensitive teeth, so it causes me a lot of pain as well. But I’ve developed a system that works pretty well for me. I use the basic Crest 3D Whitestrips. I only whiten once a day (instead of the recommended twice), and skip a day when it hurts. I use an enamel strengthening toothpaste for sensitive teeth, and enamel strengthening Listerine to keep my gums happy. It takes me much longer than recommended to use all the strips, but I’ve found that it eventually has the same results. I’m pretty sure the sensitive toothpaste makes the biggest difference and really helps. Also, perhaps you could use the type of teeth whitening product that you paint on individual teeth to whiten your “yellow side fangs”. That way you could continue to whiten those further without keeping it even allover. I’ve heard Go Smile products work! http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/go-smile-on-the-go-teeth-whitening-pen/3222874?cm_cat=datafeed&cm_ite=go_smile%28r%29_%27on_the_go%28r%29%27_teeth_whitening_pen:392824&cm_pla=skin/body_treatment:scrub&cm_ven=Google_Product_Ads&mr:referralID=d7526fec-7593-11e2-8751-001b2166c2c0

    • Ok good call on the individual teeth whitening idea! I think in the end, I just haven’t been doing it long enough. I should have started way before the end of Jan. Teeth whitening fail!! Thanks for the tips girl!! 🙂

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