Butts in Seats

Since we are having a plated dinner at our reception and the thought of free-for-all seating scares me, our guests are going to be given a spot to sit, and I’m happy to report the Sword table assignments have been completed!  Of course our guests are free to sit anywhere at said table, but for the purposes of allergies, and because let’s face it, people like to sit by the folks they know, everyone was assigned a specific table in advance.

And it was so easy that I’m scared it was too easy.  If you’re looking for a quick way to design your table chart, here’s a break down of how my system worked and a rough estimate of how long everything took me.

First off, I have to give credit to Mrs. Mink’s post here because her ingenuity was what inspired me to do the same!  🙂

By putting some effort in ahead of time, Mom Sword and I were able to create the table assignments in a quick 20 minutes.  We started with the tables that we were more certain of and went from there.  Once Mr. Sword arrived home from Kansas City he reviewed our table assignments, made a few slight changes, and with that we were done!

We probably spent a total of 35 minutes making the seating chart and I firmly believe that it went so quickly because of the preparation I did ahead of time.

The only thing I had to buy were the little post-it notes to write the guest’s names on, the other stuff, scissors, paper, and a pen were all found in my house.

GIFTS- wedding 061

I wrote every single wedding guests’ name on their own post-it note.  Color didn’t matter.  This part probably took close to 45 minutes but I did it while watching TV, so it flew by.  Once they were all finished I stuck each name to a piece of paper and set it aside.

GIFTS- wedding 064

After that I cut each piece of scratch paper into an oval or an oddly shaped circle, I wasn’t particular.  Then I wrote the table names in the center.

GIFTS- wedding 063

The hardest part for a perfectionist like myself was not starting over when I messed up on a name or wrote the same table name twice (see below as I’m crossing something out).  To make this project worthwhile I had to be quick and a bit sloppy.  It’s not like this was going to be a final product or anything!

LLLL Shower Weekend 015

In the end I’m so glad I took the time to set up the tables in a visual way because it was so much easier than all of us staring at the same computer screen trying to make the assignments online, or writing lists of names over and over.  It was so simple to change names by picking up their post-it and moving it from one table to the other.

We also tried to put the guests at tables that we thought fit with them.  For example, we put family at the Family table, and friends at the Friend table, and our church friends at the Faith table.  Not everyone is matched up perfectly, and there may or may not be a few men at the Princess table but hey, our friends have a sense of humor, right?

LLLL Shower Weekend 027

We also used coasters to differentiate between the two types of centerpieces will be having at the wedding in effort to arrange how we want the tables positioned in the reception room.  Mr. Sword and I will be at a sweetheart table in the middle of the room and we tried to put our immediate family and bridal party as close to our table as possible.

LLLL Shower Weekend 034

If you’re a visual learner like myself, I highly recommend this method of table assigning!  It worked wonders for us and it was so easy to make changes along the way.

Finally, remember when I asked for help with our castle and our escort cards?  Well we really wanted to make the flags as was the most popular suggestion but after A LOT of brainstorming, Mom Sword came up with something pretty brilliant.

This is just a first draft/prototype, but we all love it so far…

sword escort cards edited

(all photos personal)

Are you making table assignments?  If you already have, did you find it difficult or time-consuming?  What does the hive think of our escort card swords?


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