Wow.  I’m sitting here blogging in my hotel room in the only moment of quiet I’ve had all day.  It’s a little after midnight and I’m ready to pass out from exhaustion but I wanted to write one last post before I got married.

I can’t believe tomorrow is my wedding.  It’s finally here.

Mr. Sword and I drove in another stupid snow storm this past Tuesday but we made it safely to the Twin Cities and so did all of our family throughout the course of this week.



We have so many out-of-town guests staying at our Embassy Suites that it’s literally buzzing with talk of our wedding.

I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster and while I’m beyond tired and slightly nervous, the ride is just getting started.  Tomorrow is going to be amazing and wonderful and I really can’t believe it’s my turn to be the bride.

To Mr. Sword, you are my everything.  Not sure how I got so lucky to meet such an amazing man but I look forward to spending all of my days loving you.

To my family and friends, if today is any indication of how much love can be heaped on two people then I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.  I would be nothing without all of your beautiful love and support.

To the hive, thank you for all your lovely comments, support, ideas, and sage advice.  This community has made me feel so blessed, and it’s made me feel like my crazy wedding brain had a safe place to call home.

To the 70% chance of rain forecasted in Minnesota tomorrow that is threatening to ruin our two hours of outdoor photos, BITE ME.  (Of course the last two days have been super sunny!)

Before I go, here is a sneak peak from our rehearsal tonight…

Highland Fairy Tale Week! 124


(all photos personal)


Yours (for the last time as),

Miss Sword


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