A Highland Fairy Tale: We All Prepare For a Wedding

Our photographer, Crystal and her second shooter Anna, showed up around 9:30 AM to begin taking detail and getting ready shots of all of us.  I’m going to be a big tease and hold out on most of the detail shots but I will show this one of my dress with the sunlight streaming through it. GORGEOUS.

Coffield Wedding 0019

I was really happy with how my hair and makeup turned out.  Laura does amazing work and I looked just how I had envisioned myself as a bride!  As for the extensions? I would buy them again in a heartbeat.  Laura didn’t clip them in as tightly as she had for the trial and I wore them for over 12 hours without a problem.  Most people had no idea I was wearing extensions until I told them!  (And sidebar: I wore them again at Sister Big Eye’s wedding this past weekend- photos to come later this summer!)

Coffield Wedding 0047

Coffield Wedding 0050

Coffield Wedding 0046

Coffield Wedding 0051

Meanwhile in the room next door, Mom Sword was putting the finish touches on her MOB ensemble.  She looked so beautiful in her dark royal blue dress!

Coffield Wedding 0032

Two things about Mom Sword’s look:

1) She purposely bought jewelry she could wear to a formal evening winter wedding (mine) and a fancy bright Sunday picnic wedding (Sister’s) so she could wear something the same for both of her daughter’s weddings.  Such a sweet sentiment.

2) You’ll notice in the photo below she is wearing a cheapo plastic children’s style watch.  Mom Sword was under strict orders to make sure it was removed by ceremony go time.  She LOVES her watches, but it’s a running joke in the family that they never go with anything and look a bit out-of-place on a grown woman.  Luckily she was happy to oblige.  🙂

Coffield Wedding 0034

Dad Sword cleaned up nicely as well, especially for a guy who never wears suits and hates ties!

Coffield Wedding 0025

The tartan ties that Boss Lady made for both Dads turned out so well!

I vividly remember Dad Sword stopping by the girls getting ready room to say hi.  I think the look on his face says it all.  🙂

Coffield Wedding 0026

I guess he needed some help with his tartan boutonnieres made by Sister/MOH Big Eyes.  FWIW, we used safety pins and they worked like a charm!  The bouts were very lightweight.

Coffield Wedding 0028

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography.

Did you get any surprise photos of your parents getting ready?  Were you happy with how your hair and makeup turned out?

Sword Wedding footer FINAL

Skipped some of the Sword saga?  It’s OK, catch up today!

Teaser video!
Final preparations, snow, and tears!
Ladies’ Luncheon!
Elevators of anxiety!
Rehearsing and screaming!
Burgers and surprises!
Kisses at midnight!

The Big Day
Bacon for bridal baby!


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