A Highland Fairy Tale: We Transform Me Into a Bride

Sister Big Eyes had arrived and it was time to step into my bridal gown!  After having such a lovehate relationship with Evie (yes, remember I named her), I was so happy to put her on that morning and even more relieved to see she photographs as well as she does.

Coffield Wedding 0082

My wedding gown had a zipper which meant there was no room for error!  I had to stay as close to the same size as possible that I was at my last fitting.  This is what one’s face looks like when they are waiting for their dress to zip up all the way:

Coffield Wedding 0081

SUCCESS!  Then it was time to hook all the buttons that cover up the zipper.  And I’m all smiles.

Coffield Wedding 0080

These photos of Mom Sword and I are some of my favorite from the whole day.

Coffield Wedding 0083

Coffield Wedding 0084

I want to take this opportunity to make a follow-up comment on my decision to avoid tanning beds/sprays/lotions for my wedding day.

Coffield Wedding 0086

I already wrote about how I used to worry about getting a tan but decided to go au naturale on my big day… and the verdict is?  I LOVE IT.  I’m so happy I embraced my natural skin tone because it totally fits who I am and how I wanted to look.  So if you’re on the fence about tanning, remember you really can rock your gown no matter how fair or how tan you are as long as you’re happy!  (Wow. Sorry for the sappy PSA.)

Coffield Wedding 0087

Once I was in my dress it was also time to open up my gift from Mr. Sword!

Coffield Wedding 0088

To be completely honest, Mr. Sword was not excited about exchanging “day of gifts” and told me the wedding was our gift to each other.  Haha, isn’t he clever?

I explained to him that I was excited about this particular tradition and wanted to be able to open something from on this most special of days and give him something in return.  Obviously he did agree to it after we set a reasonably priced monetary limit.  🙂

Mr. Sword isn’t a man of many words but when he picks out a card he reads every single word and chooses very carefully so of course I started crying while reading the words he had picked out especially for me on our wedding day.

Coffield Wedding 0089

Coffield Wedding 0090

Coffield Wedding 0091

His day of gift ended up taking me totally by surprise.

Coffield Wedding 0094

It’s a large smooth stone with the words “I love you” on it, and it says, “Written in stone.”  His love for me is permanent just like those words carved into that stone.  I felt so excited in that moment and ready to see him!

Coffield Wedding 0095

Coffield Wedding 0096

After opening my gift, it was time to slip on my tartan princess shoes and finally my jewelry.  I was officially a bride!  And I felt beautiful.

Coffield Wedding 0099

Coffield Wedding 0079

Coffield Wedding 0100

Did you exchange gifts with your partner on your wedding day?  Who was with you when you transformed into a bride?

All pictures by Crystal Liepa Photography.

Sword Wedding footer FINAL

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