A Highland Fairy Tale: We Toast to the Day

Since the beginning of our engagement I had known I wanted a moment with all of my favorite women toasting to the day with champagne.  So, after getting dressed and opening Mr. Sword’s gift, I walked back to the girls getting ready room for a quick huddle with my favorite ladies.

And who did I see in the hallway but the faces of Grandma Sword and Auntie B!  They saw me as a bride for the first time and immediately started tearing up so of course I started crying too!  It was a very special moment.

Can you tell they're related?  :)

Can you tell they’re related? 🙂

As if the first picture of them isn’t cute enough, Crystal snapped this one as well!

Coffield Wedding 0102

Then there’s this one of Mom Sword and Grandma  Sword that makes my heart melt.  I come from a line of strong female figures and a very matriarchal family.  These women have shaped who I am today and I’m so blessed to have their unconditional love and support.

Coffield Wedding 0104

BM L Dawg was in charge of the bubbly and she got a lovely pink champagne for us ladies.  We all gathered in a circle with our champagne flutes and I took a moment to look around the room at all the women who have had such a positive impact on my life.  It was definitely a surreal moment.

Coffield Wedding 0105

Mom Sword said a little toast first, and I started to tear up…

Coffield Wedding 0106

Then Auntie B said, “I remember the day Mrs. Sword was a flower girl in my wedding.”  WAAAHHH!  She and I were a mess after that!

Coffield Wedding 0108

Before the ugly crying got out of hand we sent the photographers off to the first look location site and Sister/MOH Big Eyes bustled my dress while Boss Lady used an iron to steam out some last minute wrinkles.  Soon, I was heading outside to brave the weather and see my groom!

But don’t worry, L Dawg didn’t forget about the boys, in another room and about 30 minutes prior to our toast, this was happening:

Coffield Wedding 0059

Men in kilts plus champagne flutes?  TOO CUTE.

Coffield Wedding 0062

Coffield Wedding 0063

Good thing they were all equipped with knives sgian dubhs!  This was also the moment our Best Man was handed over the responsibility of holding our wedding bands.

Coffield Wedding 0068

Since a kilt doesn’t have pockets, the Best Man put this wee pouch in his sporran to keep the rings safe until ceremony time.

Coffield Wedding 0069

It appears there was also a shaking hands check for nerves:

The Glue always has shaky hands though, probably caffeine induced.

The Glue always has shaky hands though, probably caffeine induced.

I leave you with the guy’s version of the artsy shoe pic, showing off their brogues and hose, why?  I have no idea.

Coffield Wedding 0065

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography.

Did you have a champagne toast on your big day, or will you plan one?

Sword Wedding footer FINAL

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