A Highland Fairy Tale: We “First Look” Under a Bridge

I wish I could say the Sword’s first look was magical and well-planned, sexy and playful, but it was mostly just freezing cold, rainy, and random.  Womp womp.  That said, it was still very romantic and sweet and I love the photos we have from it.

Our first look was the beginning of two hours of outdoor photos that I insisted we take.  Aren’t I the NICEST bride ever?  🙂

I don’t care what anyone says, I flat-out refused to have every single photo from our wedding day taken in a hotel, no matter how beautiful and lovely.  I wanted to remember the weather on March 9th, and oh boy, did I get my wish!  I will never forget the weather on our special day, mostly because it sucked.

We had arranged separate transportation for Mr. Sword and I to get to Centennial Lakes Park (which was about five minutes drive from our hotel), but no one had picked out a specific location for the first look.  The plan was to have our photographer call both vehicles and tell us where to meet her, but it was sort of confusing.  Mr. Sword thought he knew which bridge Crystal had chosen but in fact he did not, so he ended up walking past our van TWICE with each of us looking away to preserve that special first moment.

To be completely honest, I had been daydreaming about a unique and quirky first look since I got engaged, but unfortunately due to the weather we had to stick with the simple version of girl walking up to guy.  We HAD to be under the bridge or my hair/makeup/dress would have been soaked.  Our options were limited but it all worked out for the best because our first look photos are GORGEOUS.

Poor Mr. Sword, so cold standing there waiting for his bride!

Coffield Wedding 0109

Coffield Wedding 0110

Coffield Wedding 0111

While Mr. Sword stood with his back facing us, I walked toward him with Sister Big Eyes holding an umbrella, and a videographer recording.

Coffield Wedding 0114

Coffield Wedding 0116

Is there anything more Scottish than a rainy day?!?  Hell no.  As you can see I was doing my best to hold up my ruffles and keep the bottom of my dress from getting wet but it was literally impossible to do that and enjoy myself so eventually the bottom got soaked.  Luckily you couldn’t really tell unless you looked closely.

I LOVE these shots of myself and Sister/MOH Big Eyes (poor thing holding that umbrella the whole time).  While a first look should be a very private thing, both Sister and I were present (in the distance) for each other’s first looks and I think it just tightened our bond as sisters to be privy to such a personal moment.

Funny aside: True story, Sister Big Eyes ended up spraining her thumb due to holding that heavy umbrella for so long in the freezing cold and had to wear a hand brace for a few weeks following the wedding.  Oh the casualties, the horror!  And oh the love.  She gave her body to my wedding day.  That’s dedication people.  Best.sister.ever.

Coffield Wedding 0117

I’ll the rest of the photos do the talking.  Here it is, The Sword’s First Look:

Coffield Wedding 0118

Coffield Wedding 0119

Coffield Wedding 0120

Coffield Wedding 0121

Coffield Wedding 0123

Coffield Wedding 0122

Coffield Wedding 0124

I always pictured myself crying at this moment but I was just so happy to see him and so excited to be getting married that the tears decided not to come!  (Plus, even though I’d only been outside for ten minutes or so I was already losing feeling in my toes- VERY distracting.)

Coffield Wedding 0125

I’m so thrilled with how my tartan shawl came out, thanks Boss Lady!  It really ties our look together.

Coffield Wedding 0126

All photos by Crystal Liepa Photography.

Did your first look go a different route than you had imagined but still turn out amazing?  Any cool ideas that someone is planning so I can live vicariously through you?

Sword Wedding footer FINAL

Skipped some of the Sword saga?  It’s OK, catch up today!

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